Wool Blazer Ideas

A blazer is always a magic piece you will always want in your wardrobe. It is going to pull together virtually any outfit you wear in the winter. You get wool blazers in many styles, such as cropped, tweed, and double breasted. There are many types of wool material too you can choose from like brocade, crepe, twill, jacquard, and others. Then there are the patterns and colors, which gives you plenty of choices.

You can wear a wool blazer to your date night, for the office, or during the weekend. I like to keep at least 2 in my wardrobe – a formal blazer, and an informal one.

Here are some wool blazer styling options for you –

For the Office

wool blazer for the office

Classic navy is always the most popular. I like to be somewhat different in the way I look, while still staying formal for the office. You can try plaid this season and mix it with a chambray shirt and a bright skirt that will give you a lot of flair.

wool blazer for the office

An alternative for the office! Here is a monochromatic look that won’t ever be a bore. A gray blazer is always cool for your everyday office look. You can pair it with sleek tailored trousers and a flirty peplum top for a tone-on-tone look.

blazer with belt

When you are styling the blazer for work, why not add a belt to your outfit. This is going to make it look like more of a shirt.

blazer with trouser

You can wear the wool blazer with subtle plaid or pinstripe trousers like this. You will look all ready for work in this matching outfit.

For the Night

wool blazer with denim

It’s quite simple. You can just slip into a pair of denim, add a scarf that will give you added warmth, and wear your favorite black boots. I love the look of this outfit, and plan to wear something like this soon.

blazer as a shirt

Have you ever tried wearing a blazer as a shirt? It looks lovely. See how many heads are turning this way in the picture. Wear your white blazer with a statement belt. Pair it with a festive miniskirt for the best effect.

black velvet look

Wear luxe black velvet for a cold evening. It can be the perfect look.

white blazer

Or a white blazer for its elegance! In this, you will look ready for that cocktail soiree in the evening.

For the Weekend

blazer over a hoodie

For the weekend, try a blazer over your graphic tee and a hoodie. I absolutely adore layering pieces, which may otherwise seem like they won’t go together.

blazer over heels

Give your basic black blazer a break, and go for a statement blazer instead. Wear it with a bright shoe. You can show off a bold style in this look.

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Great Ways of Wearing a Wool Blazer

Indeed, there are so many ways of wearing a wool blazer. For instance, you can look good in a blazer and t-shirt look, or with a shirt and denim with your blazer, and even the black and blue outfits with blazers can look awesome.

Blazer with T-shirt

You can pull off this look quite easily, even in the last minute. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to complete this look, and its still likely that you will look better than most other people. And there’s always a t-shirt that goes well with your wool blazer. Not just men, even women can look awesome in this outfit when it’s not freezing cold.

Denim Jacket, Shirt and Blazer

This could be your outfit if the weather is slightly cooler or if the blazer and t-shirt are too informal for you for the occasion. Spruce up easily, just layer up with a denim jacket. This outfit will be perfect for the winter and autumn when it is cooler. You will add distinctive details to the blazer and shirt classic ensemble.

Blazer and Shirt

Here’s a timeless look that covers you for virtually every occasion, whatever the time of the year. Wear your oxford shirt and a crisp wool blazer to rock – this match always works. You can even wear it with slim jeans if you want. Select a color that goes with your choice and personality.

Blazer Looks with Different Colors

Thanks to the range of wool colors, you will get woolen blazers in different color options. The black blazer is one of the most common options, though. It can even be an all-black outfit with black slim or skinny jeans. This look works throughout the day, from work in the morning to the pub later.

Alternatively, you can wear the blazer with grey jeans as well. Grey denim is as easy to wear with the blazer. Just make sure that you don’t put on a grey blazer and grey denim all at the same time. That could be too much.

Regarding the blazer style, once again, there are many options. For instance, you can choose from double slit, checkered, pewter, a slim fit, or a porpoise, among others.

Colored Blazer Outfits

Not just grey, white, or black, wool blazers are available in other colors too, even if they are not the natural colors of wool. Thanks to dying, now, we have wool products in a huge range, which was virtually impossible to think of before. So you can easily pick another color blazer if you so want and make a fashion statement with it if you want. But if you ask me, I will personally still want to stick with wool’s natural hues.