Women’s Wool Trousers

Trousers are a timeless piece of clothing that never goes out of women’s fashion. After dress, it is probably the number two popular garment, which makes perfect combinations for various outfits. It won’t be a serious exaggeration to generalize there are as many trouser models as the types of occasion a woman can go to. Given such a great variety of these garments, there’s no surprise fashion designers have enough space for expressing their artistic vision. What have they prepared for 2018? Let’s take a sneak peak!

What are the main frameworks of trouser trends for 2018?

The main thesis of 2018 fashion industry can be defined as “comfort and essence”.

  • Trousers are comfortable and they don’t restrict your movements.
  • Simple cut without heavy décor is most welcomed as the characteristic of minimalism.

In terms of fabric choice, the mixed compositions with the prevailing of natural components rule the roost. Those are velvet, wool, linen, silk, leather, jacquard, satin, tweed, suede and jersey.

Trouser fabrics 2018

The Trouser Colours of 2018

  • Black and white, wet asphalt are the leading colours both in classic and business outfits;
  • Olive (expected to arrive in summer);
  • Chocolate brown;
  • Yellow;
  • Beige;
  • Lilac;
  • Sharkskin pattern.

The types of trousers that will remain in fashion in 2018:

  1.  Classic – the basic model in the wardrobe of businesswomen. Popularised by Marlen Ditrich, men’s trousers on women have become much favoured in early 1930s, and during the 20thcentury prominent fashion designers of the time adopted it for women’s fashion. In 2018, they are expected to be created by the classic canons in length, width and with a high waist. They emphasise the shape, visually make legs longer and much contribute to woman’s elegance. If a precisely tailored business suit that feels perfectly against your hand is exactly what you’ve been searching for, luxury wool fabrics from best European manufacturers will be definitely the right way to go.Classic trouser trends 2018

Classic trousers look best when complemented with the following outerwear:

  • Knitted or jersey knit sweaters, either wide or narrow;
  • Classic silk/cotton blouses or shirts;
  • Formal or smart jackets of various length and style;
  • Coats, raincoats or jackets. Most importantly, they should complement each other.

Fashion designers are still nostalgic to the 1970s and keep returning to them even in this season

Flared retro trousers are still popular this season – flared along a hip or knee, a.k.a. fishtail. Your selection of a particular model depends on your shapes. These trousers imbue your look with lightness and spontaneity, while still retaining women’s charm. Unlike lots of modern styles, they perfectly fit any shape and hide its flaws.Retro flared trouser trends 2017-2018

The 70s style trousers can be paired with:

  • volumetric jackets,
  • Sweaters and pullovers of various length and shape
  • Jackets and coats of various shapes.
  1. Men’s style – as a tribute to feminism that still doesn’t lose its positions and always has its aficionados. Why? Once again I mention Marlen Ditrich here, as she was the first to discover men’s trouser style makes a woman even more feminine, moving and defenceless. Some call it a paradox, especially as we have got used to associate the most feminine clothing with delicate fabrics like lace or silks. However, the thing is that men’s trousers, not to mention suits, evoke associations with masculinity – when you see a person wearing them from quite a long distance you would most probably expect it to be a man. That’s why having formed that particular mindset, you would be much surprised to meet a woman there – the dissonance between what you expect to see and what you actually see will only emphasise the visual absurdness of a manly outfit on a woman, thus highlighting her fragility and tenderness.

Wide trousers in a men’s style is an ultramodern innovative option for young women and teenagers by Jil Sander’s 2017-2018 collection.

Men's trousers on a woman
Men’s trousers with new accents bring freshness and creativity in a look of a modern woman.

What can you pair men’s trousers with?

  • A men’s style suit in one or accented colour;
  • A classic suit;
  • A shirt or a bright blouse tucked on a waist into trousers;
  • A knitted jumper, cardigan, jacket or sweatshot.

Shortened trouser option

Short trousers will remain stylish and fashionable during several fashion seasons. Fashion designers offer wearing them in cold year seasons as well, not being specific about the particular length: they can slightly cover a knee or almost reach heels. Comfortable and feminine, they fit any shape, age and the type of activity.

What’s the best match for short trousers?

  • A classic suit or cardigan;
  • A long coat that almost covers the trousers, or a very short one;
  • A short or long leather jacket;
  • Jersey and woollen jackets and tunics;
  • Knitted garments, such as sweaters, sweatshots and pullovers.Short women's trousers 2018

 Women’s trousers in winter 2018

This winter, it is important to be dressed not only fashionably, but warmly too. Good news for those got used to their autumn wardrobe, as winter trouser styles much resemble those of the previous season. Most importantly, the fabric should be warm, comfortable and natural.

A perfect option for a cold weather are trousers made of warm fabrics:

  • Wool with acrylate or polyester inclusions that let wool keep its shape and not wrinkle;
  • Quilted cashmere, which is warm and lightweight;
  • Jersey trousers, stylish and warm;
  • Drape – an elegant fabric looking perfectly for a trouser-based ensemble.Drape trousers 2018

Winter trousers should feature a fleece, plush or velvet lining.

The trouser trends for full-figured ladies

Curvaceous women may look no less stylish than slender and long-legged models. All you need is to select clothing that will emphasise the advantages and hide the shortcomings of your figure.

Here are several pieces of advice that fashion designers offer to full-figured women in 2018:

  • Classic trousers with a clearly ironed сrease – long, up to the ankle or a bit higher;
  • Slightly shortened, the length is a bit above the ankle;
  • Long and minimum flared trousers from a waist;
  • Eastern style baggy trousers with an elastic on an ankle.Trousers for curvaceous

Full-figured women can pick the following ideas for a top:

  • Silk blouses – wide, spacious and opaque (not too thin);
  • Linen or cotton shirts;
  • Knitwear cardigans, tunics and tops – lightweight and not bulky;
  • Short and fitted jackets.

It’s worth to mind trouser fabric and reject velveteen or velvet. Don’t go for the models made of heavy or fleecy fabric, neither for a solid or vertical patterned one.

Trousers have taken their decent place in women’s clothing, and have replaced the vast majority of dresses and skirts in the wardrobes of many. To gain the most of this garment, pay attention not only to the trouser design, but also to the top, footwear and accessories.