Velvet Fashion Trend

Velvet is often more versatile, colorful and luxurious. I personally like velvet a lot because it lets me add instant glamour to my outfit and the material is comfortable on me as well. So what’s the best way of wearing velvet? Here are some tips to help you.

velvet dress

The Best Way to Wear Your Velvet Dress

This season, velvet dresses are more feminine and fluid than before. In fact, you will find many designers, from Preen and Prada showcasing their velvet creations on the runway, and that too in a range of silhouettes and colors.

Velvet is a kind of woven tufted fabric where the cut threads are distributed evenly. The feel is distinctively soft when you wear a dress. Velvet is made either from natural of synthetic fibers. A lot of the velvet material you will find now is actually “silk velvet”, which is a mix of silk and rayon. Velvet is often more comfortable than cotton and many other fabrics.

There are many dress variations you can experiment with in velvet. For instance, you can wear something a bit longer to showcase a sophisticated ladylike look, or you may like to show off a playful and short ruffled number, like what Preen likes to design. But remember, you should never over-layer your look. The fabric may overwhelm you. You can pair the velvet dress with an elegant and sleek mac and a cashmere scarf that will make you feel cozy during the winter.

red velvet gown

A great thing about a velvet dress is that it is a great style you can carry easily from the day to the night. The Tissura velvet fabrics gives you timeless elegance and good looks. It is one of the best materials you will find.

Velvet Fashion Trends for 2018

Velvet was first woven in ancient China sometime in the 3rd century BC. It became popular in Europe only during the Renaissance period. Italy is the leading velvet making country. Initially, because of the high price and exclusive nature of the fabric, velvet was popular only with the nobility. Now of course, it is mainstream, and extremely popular.

It has been one of the trendiest fabrics in recent years. Not just evening wear, you will now find girls wearing velvet dresses even during the daytime. Many designers are making velvet dresses and coming out with haute couture garments. After a lull for a few years, velvet made a grand return in the fall of 2016, and in 2017 it established itself stronger. 2018 is expected to be a continuation of this trend.

The Velvet Trends You Can Expect This Year

Bold Colors

Solid colors are doing well lately. In 2018, I believe bold colors in velvet will rock. And frankly, black velvet looks good always, but this season, the colors to show off will be pink, yellow, blue, golden, and red. Jewel tones will look cool.


Expect a lot more styles this year. You can wear velvet drapey dresses, wrap skirts, bodycon gowns, jumpsuits, trouser suits, plush tops, bomber jackets, and sexy outerwear. Velvet dressing is going to look bolder this year.

Velvet Accessories

Velvet boots and shoes are popular already, but this year, you will see more velvet accessories gaining ground. In fact, I believe the fashion designers are already working overtime to present their best velvet clutches and handbags.

velvet dress with jacket

You can dress down at daytime by pairing a velvet dress with your blazer. You can also sport a casual look with a leather jacket.

During the evening, wear the velvet dress with pointy stilettos, carry a statement clutch bag, and finish your look with red lipstick.

pink velvet mini dress

To showcase your femininity, you can wear a pink velvet mini dress with heels.

red velvet dress

A red velvet dress is perfect when you are feeling festive. You can wear this style with black strappy heels and a simple black chocker.

You may also opt for a velvet jumpsuit, as celebrities sometimes like to wear.

backless velvet dress

For a party evening, wear a backless velvet dress like this.

Wearing Velvet Boots and Shoes

Velvet boots look good too. Make sure that the rest of your outfit is monochrome or neutral, so that the focus is entirely on your shoes. See Gigi Hadid in this picture in a denim look and her red velvet boots, which adds a pop of color to her outfit.

gigi hadid red velvet boots

Try velvet stilettos if you are bored of satin or leather stilettos. There are many brands to try like Philip Lim and Jason Wu. Their velvet shoes look attractive.

velvet boot outfit

You can wear velvet boots in a vintage style, with casual denim, or with an oversized jacket. There are plenty of combinations to be tried.

You can style in different ways with velvet as you can see. Tissura offers Stretch Velvet, Devore, and Floral Appliqued Velvet in a range of colors and patterns for your suiting fabric.

Top 4 Ways You Can Wear the Velvet Trend

The Velvet Dress

We had crushed velvet and power sleeves in the 80s if you remember. Velvet dresses are going to be top draw this season. Colors like midnight blue, burgundy, and black will add a rich depth, and velvet anyway feels very luxurious. Make your velvet dress take centre stage after dark by keeping it simple. You can make it day-friendly by pairing the dress with studded flats. You can also contrast textures by wearing a skinny rib polo neck knit below your dress, and with knee-high boots. It can be a show stopper.

The Velvet Top

Wear a velvet top while the temperature is still down. The thick velvet fabric will keep you warm. You can wear off-the-shoulder or sleeveless to look cool. One option is to wear a velvet top, which you tuck into a floral midi skirt. You can also wear velvet with a black wide leg trouser to make it look chic. Skinny denim is a good option to look casual.

The Velvet Skirt

I am always in love with a statement-making skirt. Velvet here will surely be an eye-turner. You can pair it with elegant heels and a chic sheer blouse. Or you can wear it with ankle boots, classic leather biker, and a jersey tee. A third option is to wear your velvet A-line midi skirt, with a metallic t-shirt or scalloped top. Indeed, there are so many ways of looking good with velvet.

Velvet Boots

Velvet boots look best in parties. They are the most in-demand boots in 2018. Your velvet boots look awesome with denim and designer jewelry. Try this look.

Wear your statement velvet outfit and you are sure to stun everyone.