Street Style Men

I have seen a lot of men who are extremely fashion conscious. They will groom themselves carefully and take time shopping for their outfits. In fact, if you ask me, most men these days care a lot about how they look and appear. But men like to appear casual and even carefree in the clothing they wear, and this is why the street style often works best for them.

The street style fashion trend is hot too. Here are a few ways men can upgrade their wardrobe in street style for the colder weather.

Double Denim

doube denim look

2 is better than 1. So why not wear the ‘double denim’ look? Denim is staple for both men and women anyway. Justin Timberlake used to rock this style when he was with Britney Spears. But that was a long time back. Today’s double denim looks even better – more modern, more trendy. You can wear it with a chambray shirt, and even try lighter blue denim jacket or dark blue jeans.

Floral Print

floral print

Men can look good in floral prints too, more so in the summer. In fact, you can wear the print into winter as well, as long as you layer it smartly. Try jackets and shirts in different brightness and boldness. It can be overwhelming for some men, but don’t forego it yet. You can wear this style in a subtle way too. Just go for sleeves or simple flowery pockets.

Cuban Collar Shirts

cuban collar shirt

Popular in the 1950s, Cuban Collar shirts have made a big-time comeback in recent times. So you will now see these wide-open collars on the runway, thanks to Louis Vuitton and some other designers. You will find them everywhere now. The shirt is perfect for street style fashion. In fact, Louis Philippe says it’s the hottest trend for 2017.

You can wear a floral print Cuban Collar shirt too for that perfect casual look.


fur outfit

You will find fur everywhere now on coats and other items of clothing when the weather turns chilly. Fur provides the much needed extra warmth, and is very comfortable to wear too. When you wear this trend, remember, less is always more. Darker colors seem to work best, though lighter furs often stand out better against darker outfits.


shearling outfit

Shearling too like fur will keep you warm when it is cold outside and it is also trending fashion. Denim with shearing looks versatile. You will appear fashionable and timeless. Soft brown colors may look good on you.

Statement Jackets

statement jacket

Make a statement with the jacket you see in this picture. Jackets in different textures, vivid colors, with slogans and bold graphics are all trending. Embroidered jackets are becoming jackets as well. In fact, you will even find embroidered trousers and shirts now.

Novelty Sweaters

novelty sweater

Wear a playful sweater with a personality. It looks simple but very attractive, and is the perfect way to showcase your street style fashion. You can bring to life even the plainest outfits with one of these sweaters.