Silk Scarf

Scarves are little accessories that can make a dramatic impact on how you wear it. I swear, I have countless dozens of scarves (yea, countless dozens of scarves) holding special place in my wardrobe. Yea, there are plenty to choose from.

Infinity scarves, plaid scarves, blanket scarves, knit scarves are a few. While these are really popular and preferred widely, just like knit scarves, I love silk scarves. In fact, I developed a craze for silk scarves. No no, these aren’t just for older women. It’s rich, luscious and glamorous. While grannies effortlessly pulled many styles wearing silk scarves, why not younger women? It perfectly suits with almost every style. I hunted Google and here is what I’ve collected.

Before reading about how to wear a silk scarf, remember it is extremely versatile and you can flaunt unique style statement with an extra punch!

A Simple Straight Tie

scarf with stripes

It’s very simple, straight and neat. Of course, it is chic and stylish! Wear it with denim, stripes, and a skirt and make an outstanding style statement with a silk scarf. Fold the scarf into triangle and the triangle into pointed edge. It makes a pretty long piece and wrap it around your neck, tie it off! Done.

Just Hang It

scarf over dress

If you don’t have time, or you don’t care about (not sure how to tie a scarf perfectly), don’t bother. Just hang it loose on your neck. However, the scarf should be long enough. Also, make sure it does not super match the dress you wear.

A Bow

silk scarf for women

Bow may be old fashioned, but certainly makes a style statement with silk scarf. You need plain and lengthy scarf. Tuck the scarf around the collar and tie it as bow. The bow actually looks feminine, but the place where you tie it makes it male tie! Apparently, it looks andro-feminine! Be picky with the colors.

Yacht Knot

scarf knot

This is my favorite style with silk scarf. You just a little larger silk scarf than the usual size. It just outdates the need for statement necklace. Roll the scarf and tie it, make a knot around the sternum. Make sure the knot is loose and you tie at just above the breast line.

Head Band

scarf headband

Headband is pretty much a child’s play. I still love to tie my hair with scarves. It’s actually a personal statement that looks cool and sleek. In case of messy buns or updos, just accessorize with a silk scarf.

Vintage Style

scarf vintage style

This is pretty versatile style which flaunts different statement. Just clip the scarf instead of tying with a ring clip or a brooch or even simple pendant. You can wear it as fashion accessory. And it’s the only way you wear short silk scarf that looks vintage.

Classic Vintage

classic vintage scarf outfit

So, we have seen vintage style wrap. Let’s take a look at the classic vintage. In fact, it is a style goal, inspired from yesteryear actresses. You can actually try it on different outfits and explore the style.

Why Not a Fashionable Turban?

silk scarf as turban

Actually I had no idea to wear the silk scarf as turban. Yet, it looks cool and sleek. Fold the scarf in the front part and tie the knot at the back. I feel a rugged glamorous look. It pairs perfectly with free style outfits.

A Silk Belt

scarf as belt

A few dresses may not look complete without a belt. Wear your scarf as a belt and you can instantly elevate your appeal, by accessorizing. But make sure that you have a lengthy scarf.

Ponytail Wrap

ponytail wrap scarf

How cute this style is! It’s actually nostalgia moment. I used hanky to wrap around the ponytail. Simply, try the scarf around the ponytail. It looks very pretty, stylish and feminine. Don’t forget to seal it with a clip tightly. Silk is slippery!

scarf with handbag

And finally, you can wrap it as bow or in any free style to decorate your handbag.