How To Choose Shirting Fabric

Most men don’t think dressing is that important! But that’s changing. More and more men are now thinking of what they should wear and how they should wear it. The simple details can often make the most impact. Like for instance, a custom-made, well-fitted shirt.

shirts for men

Shirts are combinations of the weave, its thread count, and also the fiber that determines how it is going to feel and look… whether it is a casual button-down shirt for the weekend or one you are going to wear to work. Here’s a guide that will help you know more about the differences between the fabrics, yarns, and the right occasions when you should wear them.

The Fabric

It is the material of weave that forms the base of any fabric. The most common is linen and cotton. 100% Egyptian cotton is a great shirting fabric because of its superior quality and long staples. 100% Linen is a good choice for warm weather. This is a durable and strong material.

Here are some of the basic shirting fabrics that every man should have in his wardrobe.


oxford shirt

The Oxford fabric has a heavy texture and it is slightly coarse. But it is durable, breathable and soft, which makes it versatile, and great for everyday wear. The ‘basket’ weave of this fabric makes it a good choice for casual shirts with either Prepster or Polo collar. The Royal Oxford variation is finer and dressier. This goes well with an expensive tie and a sharp suit.


poplin dress shirt

Also Broadcloth, this is the typical shirting fabric. It is tightly woven, has an over-under weave pattern that creates a soft, thin, lightweight, and smooth fabric. The fabric will be more luxurious if the thread count is higher. Poplins are good in solid shades. You can wear it in the summer, and also under your blazer or jacket for a formal occasion.


twill shirt

Twill is a popular weave. You will recognize the fabric easily by its diagonal ribbed texture that looks the best in solid colors. The fabric is soft, more durable and heavier and it also drapes easily. Poplin provides a crisper look than twill, but ironing is going to be easy, and it is wrinkle resistant as well.

There are variations in the twill weave like the Houndstooth and Herringbone fabric. The Houndstooth pattern is interesting for casual and semi-formal styles, while Herringbone works better in formal and elegant dressing.


linen shirt men

Linen is a great fabric for the summer as it will feel cool to your touch. The fabric is smooth and light and it will get softer every time you wash it. Linen wrinkles more easily than cotton, but wrinkled linen also looks good. You will also feel relaxed in it. You can wear a half sleeve casual linen shirt perhaps with a classic collar. To look youthful, you can wear a roll-up sleeves shirt.

The fabric count and ply is another important factor for the shirt. Ply refers to how many yarns are twisted together for making one thread. Dress fabrics can be either double or single ply.