Satin Outfits

When we think of satin, what come to our head often are luxurious pillows and the old wedding dress of mom. But the fact is that, luxury satin fabric sourced from Tissura can be used to make all kinds of garments, and they will give you an amazing feel. Yes, satin can certainly look gorgeous as day-to-day clothing, and for special occasions as well. In fact, more and more designers are now using this shiny and luxurious fabric.

satin outfit

When you wear satin, you don’t have to worry about looking like you are ready to hit the bed or your grandma. The fabric is best for the spring and summer, but you can wear it during other times of the year too.

Who Is Satin Best For

satin jacket

As satin is shiny, and sometimes tricky, it clearly isn’t for all. Skinny girls will look amazing wearing the material, but those who are curvy may add some volume to the figure. The fabric is glossy, so it may not be suitable as a casual wear always. While the surface of the material is glossy, its back is dull.

Here’s how you can wear satin every day.

Wear Satin at the Place of Your Work

satin blouse

Satin can be a very good office wear. For instance, you will surely look amazing in a satin blouse and apt too for the office. You can pair your blouse with a pencil skirt and a classy jacket if you want. A light pastel color may be the best choice here. Satin will also look good if you wear it with clothing made of wool and tweed fabrics for the season.

Wear Satin When You Are Going On a Date

satin bomber jacket

Lustrous silk satin fabric can be a great choice for a date as well. In fact, a satin bomber jacket is sure to look great on you, and it’s a trending style that you will love to be seen wearing. You can be sure of looking hot and flashy in this sportive look. Wear this look with a skirt and your outfit will draw attention like a magnet. You can pick a floral printed skirt and pair it with nude-colored pumps.

Wear Satin When You Are Going For a Night Out

satin pant

A satin pant is a great idea for occasions when you are having a party with your girlfriends. You can try a black and baby blue combination. You can either dress up or down, depending on the necklace you decide to wear with your shirt.

Wear Satin for Special Occasions

satin maxi skirt

A satin outfit will look fabulous on special occasions too. For instance, a satin maxi skirt is almost sure to turn out to be a head turner. Maxi skirts are hot now, so you can wear this if you want. You can wear a satin maxi skirt with your sleeveless tuxedo jacket and stand out from the crowd. An evening gown, of course, is another bright idea. You will get a gown made of satin. Wear it with a classic pearl necklace and carry a small evening clutch to complete your look.