Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

It’s raining outside and you have to go out. You can look good even on a rainy day. Just select something to wear that saves you from getting drenched, and make sure that you look comfortable in it. I love to accessorize in the rains. And like to experiment in different colors, sizes, and patterned umbrellas.

Check out my super-cool rainy day outfit ideas.

A Long Coat

long coat

A long coat, trousers, black shirt, and long boots in black. Add a black bag.

I personally prefer custom-made coats, as you can make them out of some exclusive coating fabrics and apply your desired cuts.

Patterns and Denim

patterns and denim

Wear a patterned dress and a denim jacket on top. A chunky ankle boot is a practical choice in the rains, and it will look cute too on you.

Jeans and Faded Shirt

faded shirt and jeans

Look chic in a faded shirt and jeans with a bag and nude sandals.

Black and Olive Green

black and olive green

Pair black and olive green on the rainy season. A rain coat, knee boots, and knee skirt with black leggings is sure to look good. The classic black umbrella will look good with your olive colored dress. It’s a great combination.

Bag and Brown Boots

brown boot for the rainy day

I for one love earth tones. You can make this combination interesting if you too like this tone. Wear your brown boot and select a handbag that is a few shades lighter. You can wear virtually every shade of blue or olive green with this. I love to play around with the colors. You can too.

Horizontal Stripes

horizontal stripes

Many avoid horizontal stripes believing this will spread the waist line. But this is just a myth. This style can make you look gorgeous. Plus, you can pair white and black stripes with a shawl, jacket, and cream shade pants.

Classy Coat Style

classy coat style

There is something romantic and magical about rainy days. Make it look elegant and classy with a light blue jeans, black coat, black hand gloves, and brown rain boots. A black and white dotty umbrella will look so cute with this outfit.

The Dress in Pink

cream crop top

Wear a cream crop top with cream trouser and finish the look off with a super long trench coat and brown boots.

Zip Up Hoodie

hoodie with black jegging

A black jegging, zip up hoodie, turtleneck and your black ankle boots combo can also make you look good on a rainy day.

The Mishmash

rainy day outfits

The outfit I have here is a mishmash of all the styles I have mentioned above. The umbrella, for instance, is now red. The striped shirt is with denim. There is a big and bright red flower on the creamy beautiful coat.