Poplin Sewing And Caring

Poplin is a lightweight, long lasting and soft fabric with a plain weave. Poplin refers to tightly woven yarn weaves that make up the fabric. Its yarns are wool, silk, but most popularly cotton. The fabric is used to make morning gowns, summer dresses, blouses, shirts, where it is the most commonly used fabric, and other pieces of clothing.

Properties Of Poplin

cotton poplin fabric

The fabric can be classified into many types, such as silk poplin, cotton poplin, lycra stretch, and polyester poplin among others. The fabrics weight differs widely – there are lightweight versions and also heavier ones. It is now the main fabric used to make shirts as it is less shiny and have little luster. Its smooth and soft texture is very comfortable. Poplin is breathable, and that is why it is often used to make sportswear.

poplin dress

The poplin fabric is very durable too, so the dress made with it will last for a long time, provided you take some basic precautions. You need to know how to wash and dry your poplin dress and the best ways of storing it when not in use. I will go into that a little later, but before that, let me discuss the details of sewing with poplin.

Sewing With Poplin

poplin maxi dress

You can sew easily. The fabric surface is very even, and since it is very durable, you can do almost anything with it. Poplin is wrinkle free, and is in demand for outdoor uses, table skirts, uniforms, shirts, and even coats and blazers, particularly wool poplin. Cotton poplin is extensively used in crafting and quilting. The fabric is also used for home décor and upholstery work.

You don’t have to use any special needle or thread for your sewing job. You can even do embroidery on the surface because of its nice weave. Actually, many poplin dresses are embellished with monograms or logos on them.

printed cotton poplin dress

This is how you can sew poplin –

  • Place the fabric flat on a table. Smooth it out. Make sure there are no wrinkles.
  • Now pin the pattern pieces to your poplin. The fabric won’t slide, so you should be able to do this easily.
  • Follow the directions of your pattern for sewing the garment. Iron the seams as per the pattern’s directions.
  • Try on the garment. Make adjustments to fit as needed. Poplin will look best when you tailor on clean, crisp lines.

How To Take Care Of Your Poplin Dress

poplin care tips

The poplin fabric is low maintenance, so it should be very easy. You can wash at home easily in your washing machine. But make sure that the monograms, logos, or embroidery work if any is stitched in properly. Poplin dresses are usually marked machine washable at 60 degrees. You can tumble dry and warm steam iron the dress. Do all this at normal settings. But it is best not to dry your dress under direct sunlight. Keep it in a shaded area for best results.