Pastel Fashion

The pastel shade is a wonderful addition to the wardrobe, whether you like to stay with the basics or move with the trends. It’s also one of my personal favorites. In fact, soft pastel hues always work well not just in the spring, but at other times of the year as well. It looks super cool and trendy when you style it correctly. There are plenty of colors to choose from too for your trousers, dresses and tops.

pastel outfits

You will also find this in bracelets, anklets, hair clips, necklaces and rings so there is no end to the accessories you can wear with your pastel hue. Go ahead and include some of them to accessorize your outfit. There are small pastel toned gems in bracelets, necklaces and anklets. You will find many pastel floral rings that break up the color nicely. There are appropriate shoes too you can wear with your dress.

Here are some ideas for wearing a pastel outfit.

Wearing Your Pastel Top

pastel shade dress

Vest tops and strappy tops are in fashion. The most popular colors for tops are pastel blues and pinks, which you can contrast easily with ivory or plain white blazers and cardigans. You can wear short sleeve blouses too in pastel tones. These dresses are subtle, and yet bright, and they will bring out your skin tone very well.

Thanks to added lace and button-up fastenings, you won’t need anything else to decorate your outfit and make it stand out. An extra long blouse will show a different silhouette. You can wear it over your vest or tank top for added volume and layers.

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Your outfit should have just a single color, like what you see in this picture. It could be any color. You can try this approach with one of the hottest colors of the season. A crop top may look quite ravishing in light pink.

Mixed Pastels

mixed pastel

Alternatively, you may also pair few different pastel colors together to achieve a bold, and yet soft look. This approach will also look good. See this picture to get an idea.

Wear Pastels With Neutrals

pastel with neutrals

Here is yet another option for you. Keep your entire color palette simple to highlight the pastel piece you are wearing. Your pastel hue will pop up and demand to get noticed.

Pastel with Bright Colors

pastel with bright color

You can easily add an edge to the pastel color’s softness by adding fun and bright accessories to complete your outfit. This will further improve your looks.

What to Remember When You Wear Pastels

pastel hue outfit

  • You can mix pastels easily to achieve a bold look.
  • Monochrome is best for work and formal occasions.
  • Your accessories should stand out. Choose funky and bright ones.
  • If you are wearing one pastel item, such as a shirt or blazer, the remaining outfit should be simple. Go for a neutral color like white. The pastel will then stand out.
  • Your makeup and hair should be simple.