Organza Fabrics

Organza is a plain, sheer and thin weaved fabric. Originally, the fabric was almost completely made of silk, but in recent years, it has also been made from synthetic fibers like acetate, polyester and rayon. So initially there was just one type of organza, which is not true anymore, as you will find plenty of variants in the material now. There is also semi-synthetic organza where silk is combined with a synthetic fiber.

elegant organza dress

The best quality fabric is still silk organza, though synthetic organza has the same characteristics as silk. Italy and France produces the best silk organza fabric. Countries such as India and China also make silk organza, but the quality is somewhat inferior. Sure enough, pure silk organza is a bit expensive, but it is worth it, as the material is more comfortable to wear.

Organza In Modern Use

organza evening dress

Organza is a great material for evening wear, bridal wear, and cocktail dresses. It is a luxurious fabric for party dresses. You will often find the material used for making handkerchiefs, dresses, skirts, and even undergarments like petticoats. It adds volume to the dress. Multiple layers sway gently with the dress. Sometimes, organza is also used in an underlying layer for protecting the delicate bridal fabric.

Organza is also used for making light curtains, party décor, and tablecloths. You will also find jewelry and gift bags made with the fabric.

The Many Types Of Organza


crystal organza frill dress

A lightweight and sheer material, crystal organza is probably the most common. This material is made from nylon, polyester, or silk. It is used in all kinds of apparel, which also includes bridal dresses.


mirror organza

Mirror organza is used in garments and also for decorative purposes. There are many color options, which are match able with taffeta, satin, and poplin fabrics. The fabric is extremely lightweight, but very durable. There is a unique texture in mirror organza, which makes it look very shiny. It is very comfortable as well.

Silk Organza

silk organza wedding dress

Silk organza is the most pure form and of the best quality. And like I have mentioned before, the best quality silk organza comes from France and Italy. In China, there are factories in Zhejiang province and along the Yangtze River that makes the fabric. Make sure to take good care of your silk organza and it will last for several years. Always dry clean the fabric. Wedding dresses are often made of silk organza.


sparkle organza

A bit like mirror organza, this fabric makes any garment shimmer. Ladies often wear evening dresses made with it. Sparkled organza also looks good on little girl dresses. Because of its shimmering appeal, the fabric is used for decorative purposes too, as centerpieces, window scarves for parties, pew swags, and table toppers.


embroidered organza dress

This is actually crystal or mirror organza, featuring embroidery on the fabric. The embroidery often comes with many types of sequins, patterns and rhinestones. An embroidered organza dress looks gorgeous. It is one of my personal favorites too.