Organza Dress Ideas

It’s not a secret that luxury organza fabrics have a lot to offer for those in an artistic quest. Layered, embroidered or accompanied with silk, they are an amazing pick for creating the most intriguing and outstanding looks. Today, I’ve decided to share some organza fashion ideas with an haute couture vibe.

Straight Dress

Organza tiers or flounces stitched onto straight silhouettes make your look more piquant and original. It can be created by making a dress with a soft organza top and lacy bottom.

Straight organza dress

Short Fluffy Dress

If a designer needs to create a short dress with a fluffy skirt, a multilayered skirt is an obvious choice. The dress is mostly intended for a special and festive occasion, which can be a prom or cocktail party.

White short organza dress

Another option for luxury short and long attires is a Tutu skirt. It is created out of several organza layers that can either vary by length or not. Such elements of a women’s wardrobe were popular even in 19th century.


Long Fluffy Dress

In case of a long floor-sweeping dress, its volume is increased by using crinoline, while upper skirts are made multi-tiered or embroidered with various décor. A long skirt can be a sun-, bell-shaped or just flared.

For an evening occasion, young women select bright colour outfits. For attending a festive occasion, the dresses with fluffy skirts of darker shades are most appropriate. Long fluffy organza dress

Dress with Organza Skirt

A fluffy skirt creates a good combination with a satin corset. This combination is a good match for creating an evening look that will stand out from the rest by its uniqueness.

The bodice typically features decorative flowers created out of tulle or ribbons. This combination helps to make your shape visually balanced and similar to the sand clock shape.Dress with organza skirt

Evening Dress

There are quite many organza evening dress types, the most remarkable ones are mainly black. The classic shine of sheer organza fabrics makes such dresses look charming and fantastic.

Black organza evening dress

However, colourful models shouldn’t be disregarded. Organza is a perfect match for various décor elements that enhance the fabric lustre and play of light.

The full-length evening dresses with a transparent skirt embody elegance, sexuality and mysteriousness.

Cocktail Dress

Some claim that cocktail dresses are the most luxurious. These outfits feature an average length and might not look as festive as evening dresses, yet they are no less chic. In fact, a cocktail dress can be put on for various occasions, be it a prom party, wedding invitation or evening date.

Organza cocktail dress

The colour palette of organza cocktail dresses is unlimited: you can go for as the tenderest pastels, bright and remarkable, as for the darkest and most saturated ones.

colourful organza cocktail dresses

For an exquisite and tender look, cocktail dresses of pearl and powder shades are most appropriate. Pay attention to your footwear as well, as it should be elegant and feature high heels. As for jewellery, pearls are a surefire option. Note that white is not necessarily the only matching colour, play with various shades! A good alternative to a pearl necklace can be a high quality jewellery with sparkling elements.

Bridal Dress

Organza is one of the most popular options for a bridal dress. Fashion designers create complex folds and amazing drapes out of it, as this fabric perfectly keeps its shape. Due to these solutions, organza dresses feature an original and volumetric look. And, as you know, bridal dresses welcome multilayer structure.

Daily Dress

As you might have already understood, organza is incredibly universal. As a rule, such outfits are made in pastel tones, have average fluffiness and a knee length.

Multilayer structure, décor, volants and pleated skirts – all of that is about organza daily dresses as well.

On the streets, you can see young women combining short fluffy organza skirts and tight T-shirts. This trendy look is especially suitable for women with long and straight legs. If your waistline tends to be quite wide, you should probably try other options.