Noble Wool Coat

Noble wool. I don’t know about you, but this collocation used to sound a bit strange for me some time ago. How come the word that defines a human trait of character penetrated the world of fashion, and particularly animal wool? Well, once I’ve decided to put an end to this misunderstanding and learned some properties of different wool fibre types, it all eventually become clear. So, why do we call wool “noble”?

Generally, the answer is in the outstanding combination of noble wool characteristics that you would only dream of when wearing a mediocre quality wool. Renowned as lightweight, heavenly soft and incredibly warm, alpaca, cashmere, cashgora, guanaco and vicuña boast a number of other features that probably not many people are aware of:

  • hypoallergency,
  • non-wrinkling,
  • perfect thermal regulation – you can use one coat both in autumn and winter with the same level of comfort,
  • wear-resistant,
  • resistant to contamination,
  • a wide range of natural hues,
  • easy to care for.

camel wool coat

How to select an appropriate noble wool coat?

When aimed at noble wool garment, you should keep in mind it can be quite costly, however, in terms of its consumer qualities, this wool is definitely worth of its price. So stay 100% satisfied with your purchase, it is important to follow some recommendations:

  • Select a coat based on your body shape type: compensate narrow hips with patch pockets and hide narrow shoulders with a massive collar (you can additionally use a scarf for that purpose);
  • Emphasise your waist with a belt;
  • Hide excessive kilos and problematic spots using a loose fit and a knee length;
  • Use the advantages of a maxi length to emphasise the grace and elegance of your shape;
  • If you are seeking for fitted designs, mind to leave some space underneath for warm sweaters and sweatshots;
  • If you have a rectangular body shape, go for the designs with stylish cuffs on short sleeves. They look especially classy if complemented with long gloves;
  • For those with a pear body shape, a coat with a hood and volumetric collar will be the best solution. By accentuating the shoulder zone, you will steal excessie attention from your voluminous hips;
  • In the opposite case – if your body shape reminds of an inverted triangle, a raglan coat is your best choice. It looks especially chic with a straight and slightly flared sleeve.

If you want to select a coat that will remain in trends during several years, you should pay attention to the fabric quality, colour and design. This season, the most demanded fabrics are:

  • Velvet
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Tweed
  • Satin
  • Suede
  • Leather

how to select a wool coat

What can you pair your noble wool coat with?

It much depends on the coat design and colourway. The most universal classic black coats look great with almost everything, except sports clothing, of course. In case of various wool coat designs, you can follow these options:

  • Short autumn and spring clothes are combined with jeans of traditional shades and dark skinnies. From footwear, go for fashionable rough or high heel boots;
  • Beige and grey midi oversize coat with voluminous collars look best with office or cocktail dresses, as well as with the a skirt and sweater;
  • You can complement your look with a massive bag or small clutch;
  • Minimalistic dark and bright colourful coats look amazing with straight black trousers and leather accessories;
  • Winter wool coats with fur looks perfect with heeled or wedge jackboots or fur boots. Underneath it, you can put on as warm pants, as light cocktail dresses – you will neither freeze in the street, nor get overheated in office;
  • A cocoon coat makes a true splendour with skirts, sheath dresses or ankle boots on a thin heel;
  • A short coat can be complemented with ankleboots, but only with skinny trousers or midi skirts.

If you are not sure whether this or that accessory will suit you, the rule of thumb is to go for a traditional black one.

Alpaca wool coat and accessories

Noble wool fabric manufacturers

World’s best noble wool fabrics for a coat are created by such European brands as Agnona, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Luigi Colombo and Fratelli Piacenza. No less remarkable is Peruvian manufacturer Incalpaca, producing alpaca fabrics of the utmost quality.Wool fabric manufacturing

How to care for a noble wool coat?

  1. The best way to save your coat from moth isto use anti-moth solutions with lavender or cedar scents.
  2. Wool garments are best saved in cold water with the application of special detergents.
  3. Do not squeeze your coat. The best way to dry it is to just let it stay under indirect sun rays.
  4. After having washed a coat, put it onto a plain surface to let it take its initial look.
  5. If you want to smooth out the pile, use a soft brush or sponge.
  6. If you are not sure you can clean such coat yourself, it’s better take it to a laundry.wool coat care