Midi Dress

Midi skirts and dresses do absolute justice to the word fashion as you can style them in so many ways and sport a modish look. I personally love to try out different shoes, accessories jackets and tops with my mid length skirts and dresses and I will be giving you some tips regarding how to style your midi outfits today. Some of you might not have even worn your favorite medium length skirts and dresses since ages as you find them quite mundane now.

But you may want to take them out from your closet after going through this article, so check out the below mentioned trends. Before doing that, let us find out the difference between a midi, maxi, and mini dress.

Difference Between a Midi, Maxi, and Mini Dress

Midi Dress

Traditionally, the midi dress has been a skirt that hits at mid calf, so it is half way between a short and a long dress. However, these days, its length varies, from below your knee to the mid-calf region. Sometimes, this length is also referred to as the “tea length”. The midi will give you a nice lady-like ring. It first became popular in the 40s. The midi skirt’s classic silhouette and poofy look works well for most body types. It also offers a retro flair. It is a great choice for the office because of its conservative length, and it looks very smart with structured pieces, such as button-downs and blazers.

It is always best to wear shoes with a small heel, whether your skirt is below the knee or mid-calf. However, if you are taller, you can wear your midi with flats.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a full length skirt that hits at the ankle. Usually, however, they don’t touch the ground. You should always wear heels with a maxi, because you will naturally not want to ruin the dress or get trampled underfoot. You can wear a maxi skirt with a simple top and sandals. Empire cuts are popular with a maxi dress.

Mini Dress

A mini is the shortest, hitting at the mid-thigh region. It is sexy and sweet. These dresses are always above the knee. This should be the length of your skirt if you want to display those gorgeous legs. With a sheath dress, you can even go a bit higher to flaunt your curves. In the summer, you can wear a denim mini skirt with a top. With this dress, you can wear chunky a chunky bracelet and a sandal.

Now that we know the difference between them, let’s find out some great ways of wearing a midi dress.

The Sheer Look:

black sheer top with mid length skirt

Sheer outfits have become quite a trending fashion statement today and even the celebrities are often seen wearing it. Just see this picture where Kim Kardashian has paired a black sheer top with a mid length skirt which has a mermaid kind of finishing. The light peach sandals are defining the look even more. Therefore, you can definitely go for something of this sort to grab all the attention when you step out.

Checked Shirt and Mid Length Skirt:

gray midi skirt

A black & white checked shirt and a gray midi skirt will look perfect if you are planning to go out with your friends on a weekend. A knitted cap would add extra classiness to the outfit and you can wear a hiking boot to complete the full look. You can opt for either a pleated skirt or an A-Line one, both would turn out to be great.

The High Knee Boots and Dress Look:

high knee boot

This combination seems to be perfect for me and one should definitely give it a try. A tan color high knee boots paired with a midi dress is bound to look good on women and they can wear this particular outfit to a party or a dinner date. A sling or a hand bag would also look good with the attire.

Crop it Up:

crop top

Crop tops can literally go with anything. Therefore, you can hunt for the most stylish one in your wardrobe and team it up with a mid length skirt. A white crop top along with a gray midi skirt would turn out to be a great attire. You can also wear your mercury glares and carry a jazzy clutch to make the outfit look more attractive.

The Bodycon Midi Dress:

midi dress

You must be having a bodycon dress in your closet if you happen to be a fashion enthusiast and you can always head to a clothing store if you do not own one. A bodycon mid length dress looks good on almost everyone and you just cannot miss out on it. You can team up the outfit with block heels and carry a smart bag along with it.

The Polka Dot Look:

polka dot prints

I still love wearing polka dot prints as it looks quite elegant on women according to me. This particular print was extremely popular in the 19th century and even today several people end up opting for it. Therefore, a polka dot midi dress will definitely look great on you. A pair of stilettos would make the attire classier.

Top 5 Rules You Should Remember While Wearing a Midi Dress

Rule #1 – The length should be a bit above the mid-calf. It will provide the illusion of a longer dress. Your midi dress shouldn’t end precisely at the mid-calf, because this is the thickest part of the dress. It should end just above it, where it is slightly slimmer.

Rule #2 – Wear the midi dress with strapped heeled sandals. Strapped heels will help you combat the stumpy look of the dress and also make your legs look longer. Besides, the sexy minimal heel sandals will also give you height.

Rule #3 – Make sure that the fabric is lighter. A lighter fabric won’t add a lot of weight to your figure. A layered dress with mesh window is a good choice. It will give you an airy and light feel, which you will enjoy. The openness it offers will help you avoid looking stocky and short.

Rule #4 – Wear a belt with your midi. This will give you definition, without which, you run the risk of looking like a short block of fabric. Also, ensure that your midi dress appears flattering with a waist belt.

Rule #5 – Go for an A-line silhouette. This is universally flattering, and works well for girls of every body type. It will accentuate the waist and also flare out the bottom of your dress to make it look like an elegant and simple style, which everyone will love.