Long Flight Outfits

Planning a getaway this winter, perhaps during the Christmas holidays? I personally prefer the beach for its warmth and all that Sun, just to get away from the snow the winter brings. It’s always a nice break. But last year, I tried something else. I went skiing. Whatever I do, I make it a point to travel for a few days this time of the year. But I hate the long flights, anything that is over 6 hours.

Long flights are so uncomfortable. It’s no fun if I have to sit in cramped spaces for several hours. If I am lucky, I get a window. But soon, there is very little to see. I want to look good on my vacations and when I am traveling, but the topmost priority on long-haul flights is comfort.

I have jotted down some outfit ideas for long-haul flights that should keep you comfortable. Check them out.

Midi Skirt

midi skirt

Wear a long length skirt so you can curl up your legs inside and get more comfortable. A natural and heavy material such as suede thick jersey should do just fine.



Long airline flights can be very cold. And with extensive security checking these days, we have to spend a longer time at airports too, which can also be chilly. Soft and stretchy fabrics will keep you comfortable. Go for knits – jersey, ponte, and sweater knits in different styles and cuts.



This is another great choice for comfortable airline travel because a jegging outfit will be very stretchy. It will hug the curves and hold the wobbly parts nicely. Plus, jeggings are trendy and fashionable as well. You can wear with double seams or studs. Jeggings are also very flattering. You can pick denim-look jeggings like this picture.

Stretchy Skinny Jeans

stretchy skinny jeans

This is a nice alternative to the jeggings. But make sure that the one you are wearing stretches really nicely. It gives you the chic look that you will love.

Casual Gown

casual gown

A casual gown is great for a weekend trip, but may not be the best wear for the beach. However, this is still a good choice for hot-to-cold or cold-to-hot travel. Think of the temperature outside the terminal you will be walking into from the chill of the flight and the airport. You will also be super comfortable wearing this on the flight. This outfit can work like a robe, making you feel cozy.


oversized jumper

Opt for loose and layered clothing. Cotton is a great choice. Wear a long sleeve top, vest top, a t-shirt, cardigan or sweater or a light jacket. An oversized jumper is a good idea, and also a kimono in neutrals. The jumper will go well with skinnies or your leggings. Make sure to add accessories in another color, though.

Zip Boot

zip boot

The zip boot provides warmth in cold flights. You can wear with an ankle boot, as long as there is no lace. A zip should just do fine. A slip-on-shoe is another good option. You can put it on easily during security check and after the flight. Your outfit will also look professional in it.

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