Linen Vs. Cotton – Know The Difference

We get linen from the flax plant, and cotton from the cotton plant. They are both natural plant fibers. But there are many differences between the two. Let us compare the two fabrics here. I am sure you are going to find this most useful.

Strength, Longevity

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There is no natural fiber that is stronger than linen. In fact, it is so durable, that it is used even in paper money, for increasing its strength. Linen is also thicker than cotton. The fiber has variable lengths, which is why it is so strong and so durable. You can be sure that your linen will last for a long time. Cotton’s strength is achieved by spinning many fibers into yarn, which is then weaved into fabric.

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How They Feel In Your Hand

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Linen by nature is crisper. It gets supple through handling. The fabric eventually softens and becomes elegant, and silky. It has high luster and more natural texture, compared to cotton. Both the fibers can however get wrinkled. But with handling and use, linen will with time become smoother. Cotton is soft when you touch the fabric, and it is resilient too. There is no other plant fiber that is actually so soft as cotton, but it is not as tough or durable as linen.

Moisture Interactivity

Natural fibers are drawn to water. In fact, linen is considered to be the wicking fiber of nature. It gains 20% moisture before you will begin to feel the dampness. Cotton on the other hand, has the ability of absorbing 25% of its weight in water. Also, linen gains strength when it is wet. It can also prevent bacterial growth, which is very important for towels.

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Linen by nature is hollow, moving moisture and air naturally. When it’s cold, linen will retain the warmth and heat of your body. It will react to the season and your body and give you the best. It is also a natural insulator and is highly valued both for keeping us cool during the summer and trapping warmth when it is cold, thanks to the natural properties of the fiber. The warmth of cotton is in the comfort. Its texture and innovative design allow places for air, making us feel comfortable.


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Linen is known to promote better sleep and is anti-stress too. Research has also revealed that it can fight conditions like dermatitis and arthritis. But the knowledge of its health improvement abilities is not something we have discovered. The material was popular with the ancient Egyptians as it could repel microorganisms. People who have sensitive skin and develop allergies easily can also wear linen without problems.

Linen is one of the world’s oldest textiles. It goes back thousands of years. The Egyptians used it as currency. Cotton too has a long history. It has been traced back to the prehistoric times.