How To Wear Linen Pants Like A True Fashionista

Wearing pants in the summer is not always a good idea. For many girls, the summer is all about humidity and unbearable heat, which causes endless discomfort. Fabric that will stick to your body will make life even more difficult. But linen pants are different. They are perfect for the summer. They are light and loose, unlike leggings, jeans and trousers. Linen is a breezy fabric that will actually keep you cool.

You can wear a linen pant with a fitted shirt, with heels, and over your bikini too. They work virtually in every setting. Plus, linen pants are super trending as well. Here are some style tips for wearing linen pants in the summer. Check them out.

Linen Pant With A Hat

linen pant with hat

This is a simple outfit idea, but one that will work every day. All you have to do is just add a hat to your outfit. You can wear flip flops or sneakers for the beach. It will be super breezy on the seaside. You will feel super comfortable wearing this.

Linen Pant With Tee

linen pant with tee

Keep your linen pant outfit simple in the summer. Wear white linen pant with a striped tee, a panama hat and top it off with jeweled sandals like this.

Olive Green Linen Pants With White Blouse

olive green linen pants with white blouse

Here’s an outfit that will make you look professional, and yet very pretty. Simply wear high-waist green linen pants with your button up blouse in white. The green and white pairing will look good. Also, your waistline will move up visually, which will improve your proportions. Complete your look by wearing heeled sandals.

U-Neck Tee With Grey Linen Pants

u-neck tee with grey linen pants

You can wear linen pants casually for minimalist dressing, much like wearing boyfriend jeans. Here’s an example of this. Wear your grey linen pants, a classic, with a white u-neck tee. Wear grey canvas sneakers to complete your street side look.

Striped Linen Pant With Tee

striped linen pant with tee

This is another way of wearing a tee with your linen pant. Tie up the front of your t-shirt in this way – it is simple. Also, linen pants don’t have to be in solid colors always. It can also be striped like what you see in this photo.

Black linen outfit

black linen outfit

Wearing an all-black outfit in the summer is usually a strict no-no. But having said this, black is a hot color now. So here’s a way to wear black in the heat. Wear black linen pants with a loose tank, and you will look chic – a true fashionista.

High Waist Linen Pants With Black Top

high waist linen pants with black top

This is another way to wear black, one of my personal favorite colors. Just wear a black t-shirt with your white high-waist wide-leg linen pant. Black ballet flats will go very well with this outfit. This white and black minimalist outfit will be very artistic.

A Casual Way To Dress

vest top with linen pant

Your linen pant look can be very casual when you wear it barefoot while visiting the beach. The pants will be much like pajamas. Wear this look with a tank or vest top.