Linen Fabric Manufacturers

Linen is a natural fabric made from the stems of flax. Along with wool, it is one of the oldest fabrics ever used by a man, as its samples found by archaeologists are dated by 36 000 years BP. The reasons for such a long-lasting popularity are on the surface: linen is strong and durable, as well as exceptionally soft and healthy for skin. Despite it cannot compete with cotton by production volumes, this fabric is constantly favoured by millions of people all around the world.

Linen is produced in different world regions, however, the most luxury fabrics are traditionally woven in Switzerland, Italy and Austria, by such well-known couture brands as Hausammann, Forster Rohner, Etro, Carnet and HOH. What’s special in the European linen fabrics by these iconic manufacturers?

Hausammann. Hausammann + Moos 1811 Textile AG is a prominent Swiss brand established in 1811 in Weisslingen. This brand has always been associated with efficiency of R&D, top-notch machinery, but largely for the highest craftsmanship in creating fabrics favoured by the world’s leading fashion houses.

Widely famous for its classy cotton fabrics, the company offers a splendid selection of linens in rich palette. Linen by Hausammann is a perfect pick for summer dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers.

Linen dress styles

Etro. When it comes to this Italian company from Milan, the first impression that arises in mind is the Paisley pattern, which became the hallmark of Etro in 1981. This print is largely applied in its linen fabrics as well. Etro linen fabrics are defined by amazingly delicate designs with lots of meticulous elements. No less remarkable are Etro linen fabrics with a degrade effect.

Forster Rohner. Another prominent linen manufacturer from Switzerland, it is a true symbol of haute couture, incorporating latest textile innovations, highest expertise and glorious traditions of quality in its fabrics. Always aspired to perfection, Forster Rohner uses Northern Irish linen fibres that offer better durability and less wrinkling compared to linen fibres of other sorts. Famous for exclusive couture laces, the Swiss manufacturer also represents a selection of embroidered linen.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Linen fabrics by Forster Rohner is a luxury option for gorgeous summer garments – breathable, fine and water-absorbing.

Forster Rohner embroidery machine

Carnet. Extensive colour palette, sharp vibrant prints as well as bold stylistic solutions – that’s all about the collection of linen fabrics by Carnet. This couture Italian manufacturer has received great recognition in the world of high fashion for its enormous productivity, high attention to details and the amazing Italian vibe in its fabric design.

Linen dress

HOH. Linen fabrics by this legendary Austrian haute couture brand boast their high-end embroidery. Finest linen fabrics by HOH are created for those who values the perfection of cutting-edge production technologies, exquisite design and impeccable quality for their luxury summer outfits.

Embroidered linen