Lace Skirt

Lace is an ethereal fabric, like tulle and chiffon. It gives you that feminine flair, setting you apart, particularly when you are wearing white. But other colors look good too. When it comes to summer, the lace skirt is a perfect choice. In fact, I would even go to the extent of saying that there is probably no greater signal of summer than white lace. Here is one frothy fabric that helps you add femininity to any ensemble.

There are so many options of wearing a lace skirt. You can wear it with a belted blouse, with delicate jewelry, or with a crop top.

Lace For Your Everyday Wear

Lace is elegant and feminine, and a fabric of choice for evening and wedding dresses. The lace material from Tissura looks good on your everyday outfits as well. French and Italian laces, among the most popular, are often used in dress finishing too. Chantilly, embroidered or guipure lace trims can turn your outfit into a true masterpiece.

Here are some outfit ideas for wearing your lace skirt. They are all easy for you to try.

Style Tips for Wearing a Lace Skirt in the Summer

lace skirt with blazer

Look professional when you wearing the lace skirt with your fitted blazer. This navy blazer with the pink top below and a white lace skirt and black tights looks good.

lace maxi

Going for a casual date or just shopping? You can wear a lace maxi as well and look sexy in it. Make sure to keep it simple. You can add a black cap and a matching plain top to this look.

lace skirt with t-shirt belt

Wear a simple belt and t-shirt to make your lace skirt look so casual. You can wear this with wedges or flat sandals.

lace skirt with tank and necklace

Here’s another way you can keep it looking simple. You can try that lace skirt with your statement necklace and a plain tank.

lace skirt with patterns

Want to showcase a fun look? Why not try different patterns, such as a striped top and leopard heels? Here’s a utility jacket you can belt over your skirt to make it look casual.

lace skirt with printed blouse

I love this style – A lace skirt with a colorful printed blouse, which I like tucked in. However, you can wear the skirt with a button-up shirt, as is seen in this picture.

pencil skirt with florals

You can wear a floral design on top of your pencil skirt like this. See how good this outfit can look. Experiment with different colored tops. Even white may look good on you.

matching set lace skirt

Like I said, even white on white can look good on you. The black bag and shoe adds the perfect contrast. This outfit looks so comfy and perfect for the summer.

peplum top with black lace skirt

Not just white, even a black lace skirt will also look good on you. Be creative. Try a belt up peplum top and a skirt in the same color. This will make it look like a dress.

midi dress and metallic pumps

Here’s a midi dress with metallic pumps that can make you look so gorgeous and trendy.

See the Tissura catalog here to choose a lace for your skirt. Tissura is one of my personal favorites.