Lace Fashion Trends

Lace is one of my favorite materials. I wear it all the time, in so many ways, with a lot of different outfits. Delicate, elegant, and so extremely feminine, lace can easily bring out the best in me. There are so many types of lace too I can pick from, such as Chantilly, Corded, Cotton, Lyon, Guipure, Embroidered… so there are plenty of options as well. There is also needle lace, bobbin lace, chemical lace, tape lace, machine-made lace, and so many other types of lace. You can never become tired of lace.

Lace has traditionally been used mainly as an evening dress and for weddings. But that has changed now. These days, you can wear lace virtually for any occasion, even with denim and leather. But make sure that you have top quality lace, like the one that is available at this premium lace fabric shop for your outfit ideas.

Here are a few top lace outfit ideas for you.

Lace Shirt and Skirt

lace shirt and skirt

Wear your simple white lace shirt with a colorful skirt and look trendy in it like what you see in this picture. Add your heels and accessorize adequately. You will surely look very attractive in this outfit.

Lace Sleeves Top with Leggings

lace sleeves top with leggings

You can also wear lace with leggings. This pleated dress will surely make you look like a true fashoinista. Bring out your collar to add a little drama to your outfit. A matching bag will add to your look.

Lace Top

lace top

Lace looks good when you wear it over your bathing suit as well, as a cover-up. Alternatively, you can also wear it under your jacket for your place of work.

Lace Shorts

lace shorts

Lace is elegant and you can wear it in a formal way like, for instance, for the office. But you can wear lace in a casual way too by trying a lace short with a hat, belt, a bright tee, and your flat sandal. Lace shorts are extremely trending now, and they look cool too. Besides, the shorts will look and feel very comfortable as well.

Chambray Shirt with Lace Shorts

chambray shirt with lace shorts

Here’s another way to wear a lace shorts. See how cool your lace can look with denim. Just don’t tuck in your denim. You can instead tie your chambray shirt in this way. Roll up your sleeves for the perfect casual look.

Lace and Leather

lace and leather

We don’t usually think of wearing lace with leather. But this could be one of the most stunning combinations you can wear. Leather gives you a biker chic, edgy vibe, while lace will make you look sexy, feminine and ladylike. This is a contrast, but it works very well when you bring together this look smartly.

Lace with Leather

lace with leather

Here’s another way to wear lace with leather. Keep your jacket short and your skirt mid-length. Wear this outfit with boots to complete your look.

Lace with Tank and Blazer

lace with tank and blazer

Appear more formal in this all cream-colored ensemble with a blazer, tank and your lace skirt. You will surely look very chic in this outfit. Office wear doesn’t have to be boring.