How To Stretch Your Denim

Most of us have several pairs of jeans in the wardrobe. And we will have items that we don’t wear all that often. So what happens if you suddenly decide to wear a denim piece that you haven’t tried for a while and find that it’s too small now? We have all been there. Or maybe, you purchased a pair hoping that it would fit, but it is slightly snug, and you like it so much that you don’t want to return it.

how to stretch jeans

Don’t worry! You can still wear the denim by stretching it. But remember, this advice will work only on those standard blends like cotton/lycra/poly blends/elastane etc. This won’t work on super stretchy legging jeans, which have 4 way stretch that can retain their shape because they are extremely stretchy.

Wet Stretching

This is one of the best methods that will make your 100% cotton denim grow one full size. But remember not to wet areas that already fit well, because you don’t want to stretch the jeans at the wrong places. Focus on the tight places only.

wet stretching jeans

– Wet the waist if this area is too tight. Wet the thighs or butt if these places are too tight. Remember to use warm water because cold isn’t very pleasant to wear. The elasticity can also be damaged if it is too hot.
– Wear the jeans once it is wet. It can be uncomfortable, so you can consider wetting while you are already wearing the denim.
– Wearing it till the time it gets dry may stretch the denim enough, depending on how much it needs to be stretched. However, if this doesn’t work, then you can do what I am discussing next. But make sure that your piece is still wet when you are doing this.

Waistband Extender/Stretcher

waist extender

Get a waistband stretcher for denim where waist is the problem. Put it in while it is still wet. The fabric will stretch adequately while it is drying stretched out. Your denim will grow between half to one size bigger.

You can also make the stretcher yourself with an ordinary coat hanger. Place it inside the denim, or you can try to place other objects in the waistband for a short time while you are wearing the denim. But do not restrict blood flow or bruise yourself while doing so – be careful. Try this only if you are comfortable.

Lunges And Squats

3 ways to stretch jeans

If the crotch, thigh or butt areas are too tight, then you can do squats and lunges while your denim is still wet. Such stretching motions will pull your fabric. It will stretch while it is wet, and as a result you will have more room. This will work if you have good quality denim, and not something that is too thin. Otherwise, it can rip.

These three methods are likely to work most times, except when your denim is too old and stretched out already. You cannot get the full size if there is no stretch left as it is maxed out already.