House Party Outfits

With the winter and the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to plan and get ready for the house parties. I get invited to at least a few of these parties every year, and naturally want to look my best. It’s great to have fun with friends, but you need to be both stylish and comfortable in the outfit you wear. Always focus on functional and small bags and of course the right accessories. Less could often be more. Also, with global warming, the winter may not be all that cold. Do also consider the fact that you will probably be indoors all the time. So plan accordingly.

Here are some dress ideas you can try.

Button Down Skirt

button down skirt

The 70s style fashion is trending hot once again. This outfit makes you look like the sweet girl next door, but adds a slightly sexy touch to it, just what you need for a party with friends. The button down could be denim if you want. You can wear this with a girly wedge heeled sandal to add height.

Flannel Shirt with Tank Top

flannel shirt with tank top

You can easily show off a street style look by wearing your flannel shirt over a tank top and your skinny jeans, like what you see in this picture.

Shorts with Tights, Blazer, and Heels

shorts with tights

It is certainly colder, but you can still wear your shorts. Leopard print, dark colored, and denim shorts will look good when you wear thick tights underneath. You can try hot pants too with tights and heels. Add a jacket to your outfit to keep warm. You can choose from fur shrugs, geometric-print coats and military parkas. Even a tuxedo jacket will look awesome surely. Wear bold red lipstick to complete your look.

Cropped Jeans

cropped jeans

Cropped jeans and cropped tops can be both hot home party dresses. You will look super sexy and super cute wearing them. Try blue cropped skin-tight denim with a sweater on top. Try a cashmere sweater as it is super cool – lightweight, soft, comfortable, and awesome in looks. You can even tuck your sweater inside if you want.

Simple Blazer

blazer outfit

You can make virtually any outfit look gorgeous by adding a simple blazer. It’s easy to do. Wear a neckpiece that is right for a party with this outfit. You will rock this combo by wearing high heels with it.

Warm Accessories

warm accessories

Another way to rock a simple outfit is by adding warm accessories. Master this technique for the winter, and you will look a true fashionista throughout the winter. Strike the right balance with pieces, which are adequately dressy, but make sure that they don’t clash with your basic long-sleeved shirt and pants or jeans.

Wear a long sleeved fitted shirt to show your figure. Add a scarf – cashmere or pashmina. Finally, add statement jewelry, an edgy clutch, and high heeled boots.

Black Maxi Dress

black maxi dress

Your black maxi dress can be a perfect evening wear with heels. Wear it with ankle boots and it will work equally well in an informal setting. Look classic with evening wear jewels like a bangle, chunky pendant necklace or plain cuffs. Drape an embellished jacket around you and your maxi dress won’t look that casual anymore.