Haute Couture Fashion Tips

In fashion, you need to look both at the design and the material. When it comes to the dress material, I often go with haute couture fabric from Tissura. For design, I pick the best brands, and also look at the latest trends as well. When it comes to denim, my personal favorites are Levis Strauss, Wrangler, Diesel, Pepe, and Guess.

Whether you are sporting a formal look with the best haute couture fabrics or want to be informal, what’s most important is that, you pick something you are comfortable in and something that make you look smart, trendy, and pretty.

The Combination of Bar Jacket and White Pants:

bar jacket and white pants

You must have an idea about the craze for bar jackets if you happen to be a fashion enthusiast. It defines class and elegance due to which people often end up getting their hands on it. The combination of a black bar jacket and white pants can never go wrong as the attire is bound to make you look jaw-dropping. Therefore, you can certainly call this amalgamation a perfect haute couture fashion statement.

White Detailed Top and Denim Look:

white top with denim

Who can say no to a denim shorts and a white top? One of the most basic yet stylish looks which happens to be a favorite combination of several women. A detailed or an elaborate top paired up with a blue denim shorts would just look perfect on you. You can wear a fur sandal with block heels and cat eye sunglasses to complete the look. I am sure that several people will come up to you and compliment on your attire if you step out of your house wearing this.

Off-Shoulder Ruffle Dress:

ruffle dress

Don’t you just love frills on your off-shoulder dresses? I have quite a lot of ruffle dresses in my wardrobe as I am quite fond of the look of it. Take a view at the model in the picture that has been given below, she is witnessed sporting white lace off-shoulder ruffle dress which looks stunning and even the stilettos are going well with the outfit. This is one of my favorite haute couture fashion attires. Rugged wide-leg denim can balance the frothy ruffles.

The Bohemian Look:

white silk lace dress with jeans

A long white silk lace dress teamed up with embroidered jeans would give the perfect bohemian look. Wear tan color boots and carry a white and maroon handbag to make the outfit look more eye-catchy.

The A-Line Skirt and Baggy Sleeve Top Look:

a-line skirt and baggy sleeve top

You will always get to witness the models walking on the ramp, sporting an out of the box outfit, which happens to be quite class apart. Likewise, the model in the below picture also looks extremely dapper. You can wear a puffy sleeve top along with an a line skirt just to look absolutely chic. A pixie haircut which is styled well would enhance the oomph factor and on the other hand, pairing your attire with a striped stiletto would turn out to be just perfect.

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