Gym Wear

I love shopping. Everyone loves, isn’t it? I love shopping workout clothes, fitness outfits and accessories, more than festive shopping. It’s actually fun and I bet you will enjoy it too, if you aren’t already in love with it. Okay, why do I emphasize about shopping for workout outfits? We need the best workout clothes, which is comfy and flexible enough to perform the fitness schedules.

There are so many brands, fits and fabrics and it might be difficult, rather confusing for you. Here is the list of key features to consider when you shop the best workout clothes.

#1 – Say No to Cotton Clothes for Those Long Workouts Sessions

workout clothing

Cotton is always cool, but not for longer workout schedules. It absorbs sweat, which makes you feel heavy. I wear cotton tee and pant for short and leisure walks, indoors and outdoors. However, I never recommend cotton for workouts. It’s very simple why I say no to cotton. The wet fabric rubs across your skin and you feel awkward. It might also lead to chafing.

During warm months, people generally sweat more. So it worsens during hot days. It might also cause more salt on your skin, and you may turn awkward sandpaper. While chafing is not a big deal during cold moths, the already wet fabric sticks to your skin. It makes you feel quite cold during your outdoor workouts.

You can pretty much avoid cotton clothes for long workouts at any time of the year.

#2 – Consider the Fit and Style, Based on Your Type of Outlet

gym wear

It is quite important that you should consider the type of workout you are likely to do and decide about the fit and style that suits appropriate. For example, I cannot wear wide legged pants when I cycle or plan to take up spinning. So, for cycling shorts or tights suits the most.

On the same line, if you practice yoga, you cannot wear loose top or shirt. It was one of the awkward mistakes I did in my yoga class. In fact, it happened at the first class, where I felt it too odd to do leaning over / bending pose. It is so apparent that the top was likely to slide down and was kind of revealing. So, choose the outfits wisely, always focusing on that perfect fit.

I also think that you can impart personal preference, styles and right sizes that can be flattering. There is no hard and fast rule that women should wear oversized outfits to hide their physique. While you need not wear well-fitted clothes, choosing the approximately right size can accentuate the right spots. The point is, choose what is ultimately comfortable and support your workout routines.

#3 – Moisture Wicking Fabric, Go Synthetic

synthetic wear for the gym

I vote for synthetic and vouch it strongly during hardcore workout sessions. However, synthetic fabric easily pulls away the sweat from your body. Besides, it also evaporates quickly. Synthetic makes the best workout clothes. It is seamless clothing, you absolutely find nothing annoys during the workout.

#4 – Choose a Good Sports Bra, Very Essential for Women

sports bra

There is nothing so greater investment than a good sports bra as part of the fitness routine. Choosing the good sports bra isn’t very simple. It’s a hard task and don’t make a mess of it. Consider the following tips to get the good sports bra.

Measure the size of the cup. If the cup size is A or B, go for standard compression. This is common type of sports bra that most of us use.

If the cup size is D or more, pick the bra that has separate cups for the breasts. This is called encapsulation sports bra.

If the cup size is C, you can try either style and settle for the perfect fit.

Also, pick the moisture wicking fabric.