Flannel Outfits

Fall is certainly the perfect season to wear all your flannel shirts and other outfits. I am always very excited this time of the year as I get to try different styles. I am a big fan of flannel outfits and have quite a lot of them in my closet. It not only looks smart on almost everyone but the material is also very comfortable to wear during this particular season.

Some of you must be bored of your flannel outfits as you may find them mundane but there are several ways of styling it and I will be guiding you about it today. Take a look at all the styles here. Hope you get some brilliant ideas.

Flannel with Frills:

flannel outfit with frills

A little bit of quirkiness is always great, therefore, what could be better than frills in your flannel shirts? So, go for a similar kind of a shirt in order to sport a striking look. Also pick up your most amazing sunglasses to enhance the out of the box factor of the entire get up. You are bound to get quite a lot of stares if you step out of your house wearing this outfit.

Wrap the Flannel Shirt Around Your Dress:

flannel shirt

I think that most of you are aware of this particular style as we have been tying our shirts and hoodies around our waists since ages because it looks quite cool. So, you can do the same with your flannel shirts because according to me this trend will never go out of fashion. And the best part is that it looks good with everything, be it jeans, shorts, dresses or jumpsuits. Therefore, you can certainly go for this look this fall.

Pleated Skirt Look:

pleated ball skirt

A nice black pleated ball skirt teamed with a classic flannel shirt will look jaw-dropping on you. I often go for this particular attire as I keep getting compliments from people after wearing it. And that is why I am suggesting all of you to opt for something alike to ace your fall look. I am sure this won’t go wrong in any way. A stylish footwear paired up with the outfit will definitely enhance the elegance of the attire. Therefore, one cannot say no to this combo at all.

Knot it Up:


This is yet another popular style which is followed by many people. You do not need to button up your shirt entirely, just leave the last two or three buttons open and then tie both the ends to create a knot. It will give you a very cool yet chic look.

Try the Over-Sized Look:

over-sized shirt

Over-sized tops and shirts have become quite a trend these days. Just pick up a flannel which is larger than your size and wear it over a t-shirt. You can wear a jeans and boots with it to sport the entire look. Go for chokers as well because it will go pretty well with the outfit.