First Date Style Mistakes

If you are like me, you are likely to feel a bit nervous on a first date. Frankly, I am so nervous that sometimes I feel somewhat scared. What is he going to be like? What if there is simply nothing to talk about? What should I wear to appear cool and yet not too revealing, perhaps? So many things can go wrong.

Your outfit for the first date is always very important. You will have to make a good impression, first up. But you can’t be too inviting. In fact, there are so many dressing rules for a first date that it can become a bit confusing. A lot of girls, after all, have made mistakes and costly ones too.

Yes, you will surely want to look good, but I would suggest you go with something that makes you feel comfortable above everything else. That should be the first rule always. But there are still some tried-and-tested rules that you must keep in mind when selecting your clothing and accessories for a first date.

I worked my brain to create a list of the style mistakes you must avoid. Take a look.

Wear Something Fresh


You need to appear cheerful, positive and fresh on the date. So don’t wear that denim you have been wearing throughout the week. It is likely to be stretched out. Plus, there is every possibility of a few stains on your jeans. Pick another outfit.

Don’t Get Stressed

dressing down

Don’t worry too much about the first date outfit. What you wear on the next few times is more important, of course, if you guys are meeting again. If you begin to dress down, then it’s a sign that the two of you are becoming more comfortable with each other. Great going!

Dressing Too Casual

If you are going to a fun date, then gym clothes might be appropriate, but seriously, it’s usually not a good idea to look so casual. He may think that you are really not that serious about the date. Surely, you don’t want to make him believe this. Do you? Similarly, track or sweat pants are also not acceptable. At the most, you can wear a hoodie over your denim with boots, particularly if it’s going to be an outdoor date. You wear sweat pants at home or at the most, while you are in the gym. It has got no place in a first date.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

leather leggings

There is nothing wrong in wearing your top statement piece. However, if you are unsure, then go with something simpler. Less can actually be more.

Be In Your Comfort Zone

All outfits are not for everyone. Nothing wrong with it, but it could be that, the dress might just not be your style. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand why – it’s just that you won’t look good in a particular style. So it’s always a good idea to wear something you know you look good in. A first date is not a time when you want to experiment with your clothing. You shouldn’t trial new looks. You may end up feeling uncomfortable or awkward. Stay within your zone and you will be confident too.

A Hat

A hat can be very beautiful. But it’s not for all the guys. In a first date, you don’t want to take a chance. So better, leave it for your second date. Besides, check the dress code for the place you are going. Not all of them allow hats or caps.

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

strapless maxi dress

Be careful about how much you reveal on a first date. A lot of skin can actually put him off. He may think you are desperate and could get the wrong message. Pick something trendy, but be conservative. Show off your elegance, but don’t overdo it. A strapless maxi dress could be just perfect if you have great arms.


It’s probably best to avoid wearing stilettos or shoes with extremely high heels, unless of course, you are someone who can wear them flawlessly. There are a few reasons why these shoes are best avoided. Firstly, you might have a couple of drinks for breaking the ice. A super high heel can be a bad idea in this situation. And secondly, you might not find him as tall as his dating profile mentioned. Thirdly, if you go to a casual place, you have to dress correctly for the place, and must feel comfortable above everything else.

Look Approachable

silk top

Always dress to feel comfortable. If you are not feeling comfortable, then your date will sense it, and will also be uncomfortable around you. So your outfit should put you at ease. You can try a dress that is made with luxury silk fabric from Tissura. There are many color and design options to choose from. Silk is comfortable and will look good and classy on you always. You won’t look over or under-dressed.

A Lot of Makeup Is Bad

too much makeup

Your dress or appearance should never be a detraction. What you talk is always more important. Too much lipstick can get smeared on your teeth, making it messy. Your body glitter can spread all over the dinner table.

Don’t Be Too Conservative

Yes, you don’t want to reveal a lot of skin on a first date, but that doesn’t mean you must dress conservatively. It can be counterproductive. He will want to run away immediately if you show up in a business suit. But it’s OK if you are coming from work straight. As a precaution, explain this to him even before you arrive. But even then, you run the risk of making him believe that you are so much invested in your work that you don’t have the time for a relationship. In a date, you want to relax, flirt a bit, and have fun. So it’s better to change before you arrive.