Exclusive Lace

Across various evening dress fabrics, lace has always been highly favoured for its delicacy and enchanting womanliness. Unlike silk or cotton fabrics traditionally used for evening gowns, lace attire doesn’t necessarily require much attention to the selection of complementing accessories or jewellery, as lace dress consists of floral motif in its weave. There are various types of lace, and generally speaking, each of them can be a good pick to make an elegant evening dress of.

However, European lace manufacturers have mastered the production of exclusive lace fabrics for evening gowns that literally turn people’s heads. This category of lace fabrics is intended for special occasion dresses, for the events when you are supposed to look unique and, probably, directly participate in the affair. Today, the manufacturers bet on using multiple colours, laser cuts and bead embroidery, which makes these luxury segment laces fairly distinctive from the traditional Chantilly or guipure lace.

Basically, there’s no strong relationship between a particular dress style and a certain type of lace. All the top evening dresses of 2018 can be sewn out of Chantilly, corded, guipure or embroidered sequined lace. Let’s review the hottest trends and get inspired to create the dress you might have always dreamt of!

The Magic of Lace

lace evening dress

Lace is one of the finest, most majestic and graceful fabrics. Whether it is corded lace, cotton lace, embroidered lace, or the stunning Chantilly lace fabric, it is a masterpiece that will always showcase your femininity and class. And it’s the perfect choice for many occasions as well. A lace dress looks good in weddings, as an evening gown, dressing for formal occasions, and even for casual dressing. Lace can also be adorned with crystals, beads and cords to accentuate your looks. There is wool lace too that you can wear as outerwear during the winter months.

What is Lace?

embroidered lace dress

A delicate fabric, lace is made either by hand or machine in an open weblike pattern. Its origins are disputed. The Sforza family from Milan, Italy claimed it in a 1493 will. There is also a Flemish claim as the fabric was seen in a painting in 1485. But the historians are still not unanimous in giving the credit to any one place. Originally, silk, gold, linen, or silver threads were used. Silk and linen threads are still in use, but over time, the use of cotton threads has become more popular. Synthetic fibers are also used sometimes now. Modern artists are also using silver and fine copper wires instead of thread.

The best lace fabrics now come from France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Clergy in the Catholic Church used lace in religious ceremonies. It however became popular only in the 16th century for the first time. Gradually, lace became even more popular, with production happening all over Europe. Queen Victoria wore lace when she married in 1840. St. John Francis Regis showed women how to make lace and helped them out of prostitution, and was regarded a Patron Saint.

Now, of course, lace is a hugely popular fabric. Here are some of the hottest lace trends:

  1. Fishtail evening gown

Fishtail is a floor-length dress that tightly twists your waist and thighs and widens to the bottom. This model is always popular, as it emphasises the frail figure and feminine curves. This dress type is ideal for fashionistas with elegant shapes.

Most commonly, a fishtail dress is a choice for a wedding dress. However, you can style it for evening events as well.

What are the proper lace fabrics to make a fishtail evening gown? Quite common ones will suit perfectly, such as corded, guipure and Chantilly lace.

  1. Sheath dress

Currently often used on cocktail parties, Sheath dress history originates in Ancient Egypt. As follows from ancient depictions, it was an attribute of elite circles. Although the actual existence of such clothing is disputed today as there were no material archaeological finds of this dress yet, its presence in the images of Pharaohs and the royal court perfectly advocates that level of luxury we have used to associate it with.

The first sheath dress of the modern era was created by Paul Poiret in 1900s. During the whole 20th century, a sheath dress has been conquering the hearts of European and American women. Its success has been enhanced by the versions from such legendary fashion designers as Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy. This dress also went down in history as favoured by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, who hugely popularised it.

It looks perfectly for those with an hourglass body shape. Girls with implicitly expressed forms can emphasize the waist with a thin strap in the color of the dress.

In terms of length, midi is expected to be the hottest trend in 2018.

What’s about the lace version? The most stunning lace sheath dresses are sewn out of corded, guipure and Chantilly laces.

Sheath lace dress

  1. Lace dress with a basque

This one is inspired by Christobal Balenciaga, who has made this element the basic in his collections. Originating from the national costumes of basques, the frilled element has gained recognition in the world of fashion for its functionality – it can visually correct the shape proportions hiding significant flaws. Since 2010, it has become one of the most desired dress embellishments.

Haute Couture Fashion

Lace has come to be associated with haute couture fashion. The French word for dressmaking, haute couture was originally meant to signify “one off items of clothing” ordered for a specific client. Haute Couture houses used to design made-to-order pieces for their private clients. But now, the term is more used for exclusive high-fashion that makes you stand out from the crowd.

black lace gown

Lace is a great example of this. The fabric looks stunning and is very comfortable to wear. Often, the pieces are made in the latest novelty designs, whether it is an embroidered dress, with all-body floral patterns, or is adorned with crystals, beads, cords or something else. There are plenty of ways to wear a lace dress and showcase your dazzling look.

Here are some more hot lace fashion trends:

  1. Mermaid lace dress

Grace, elegance and royal charm – these are probably some of the most obvious impressions that a mermaid lace dress owners create when walking by. This dress is imbued with ineffable femininity and are largely associated with a red carpet ceremony. What makes them so attractive and seductive? First, the cut. This is the rare case when a floor-length dress becomes more intriguing than a mini one. Its irresistible look is the result of a tight top and a flared hem, which typically starts widening from the lower part of hips. Not surprisingly, your evening look in such dress reminds of a gorgeous mermaid’s one.

So popular in recent years, in 2018, mermaid evening dress will be particularly favoured in its lace version. It will be especially chic if complemented with tiny jewellery, such as earrings, a chain or a twisted bracelet.

  1. A-linelace dress

Inspired by the mid-1950s trends on geometric shapes, trapezoidal dresses were actively promoted in the collections of Christian Dior. That dress was also revolutionary in its shortness, as it was the first historical début of mini dress in world’s fashion. Moreover, it was also famous for synthetic fabrics that haven’t been much popular before, but were loved those days for their easy care, low price and the vibe of technological progress, which was so common during that decade. However, the A-line dress as we know it today has been created by another iconic French couturier Yves Saint Laurent in 1958.

Although the present day A-line evening dress stylistically resembles the one of the 1960s, it is neither created of only synthetics, nor that much about geometrical prints. Much fed up with “the evening dress fabrics of technological progress in chemistry” for the latest 50 years, the most women go for ecological-friendly fibres these days.

Just as other evening lace dress types described above, an A-line lace dress looks elegant enough itself to be decorated with extra accessories or flashy jewellery. Instead, go for something simplistic and cute to complement your look.

A-line lace dress