European Cotton Fabric Manufacturers

Cotton fabrics have been around humanity since ancient times. Soft, durable, easily washable and fairly affordable, these fibres combined essential features that have always been important for people regardless of the historical period. The evolution of production technologies made them available to everyone, which is important considering the never-stopping progress in the planet population increase. At the same time, the technological progress as in R&D, as in transportation made the most luxurious cotton sorts available in any part of the world. And since the advantages of long-staple cotton fibres have been discovered, such fabrics have immediately become highly favoured by the leading fashion houses.

What does really make long-staple cotton that remarkable? What companies specialise in producing luxury fabrics out of it? We have reviewed some of the most iconic ones below.

Cotonificio Albini. This Italian cotton manufacturer is based in Bergamo, Italy, and is renowned for high class shirting fabrics since 1876. The secret to its success is in using only highest quality cotton fibres, such as Egyptian Giza 45, 87 and 88, Sea Island from the island of Barbados and Supima Corcoran from California. These long and extra-long staple cotton sorts offer exceptional fineness, softness and durability.

The secret of Albini success is in the application of vertical integration strategy. The company has taken over control over the key business components – from cotton growing to all the consequent production stages. Moreover, they have acquired 700 historic swatch books at Thomas Mason and D&JA to give a new twist to the designs of the decades gone. The Italian manufacturer utilises contemporary machinery that allows the company to bring the most creative ideas into life.

See a large collection of shirting fabrics by Cotonificio Albini.

Cotonificio Albini cotton fabrics

Thomas Mason. One of the oldest textile labels, Thomas Mason was established in 1796, and since then has always been deeply associated with refined taste and perfect quality of cotton shirting fabrics. This brand is renowned for applying a double twist technique that provides shine, softness and crease resistance to the shirt.

Some of its most luxury collections are Silverline and Goldline, embodying the brand’s outstanding technological achievements. These fabrics are made with high thread counts, which offers them a silk hand, as well as makes the patterns sharper. Created out of extra long staple Egyptian cotton Giza 45 and 87, these shirtings don’t degrade over time, yet become softer, smoother and easier to ironing after each washing. The company stays highly proud of its seasonal collections as well.

Thomas Mason Cotton Fabrics

Hausammann + Moos 1811 Textile AG. The cotton fabrics by this Swiss manufacturer embody the highest craftsmanship, as well as massive investments in R&D and machinery.

The brand is successful at offering cotton fabrics that meet the latest fashion trends. Hausammann produces fabrics both for men’s and women’s clothing, such as shirts, dresses, trousers and suits. The ultimate quality is reached by using only long and extra-long staple cotton fibres that make fabric durable, perfectly soft and glossy.

Besides 100% cotton fabrics, the company also offers cotton blends with silk or wool.

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Hausammann cotton fabrics

Liberty. This British textile brand is famous for cotton fabrics with exquisite colourful prints of different motifs. Its fabrics are mostly made of finest long staple Tana lawn cotton, which is cool, comfortable, durable and perfectly displaying various colours and prints. The prints are generally inspired by nature, as well as European and Eastern ornamental traditions.

Besides lawn, Liberty also produces cotton poplin, viscose jersey knit and silk georgette.

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Liberty fabric manufacturer

Etro. This prominent Italian manufacturer has gained recognition in the world of high fashion for its Paisley prints. In fact, Etro is an influential fashion house, which men’s and women’s collections incorporate Paisley motifs and other elaborate patterns with an ethnic vibe. The collections of Etro cotton fabrics are also remarkable in the way they display a modern vision of traditional motifs.

Besides cotton fabrics, this Italian manufacturer creates silks for blouses and dresses, as well as printed wool.

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Etro cotton fabrics