Awesome Ways Of Wearing Distressed Denim

During my college days, distressed denim used to be very popular. I could wear it with virtually everything, throughout the day. But with a full-time job, I just couldn’t wear it so often anymore.

Ripped and tattered denim is back. It’s trendy now, and why not, this piece of clothing has a super casual feel. Distressed jeans can also look cool and street-chic when you style correctly. You will just have to pair it well. Here are a few style tips that I am sure is going to help you wear distressed jeans in new ways.

Distressed Denim With Short Sleeve Tee

distressed denim with short sleeve tee

A great cool outfit. Distressed denim will do very well if it is hot outside and you prefer to wear shorts. Just wear it with a short sleeve tee to stay super cool. You can wear a simple tee or even a distressed tee to go with your jeans.

Distressed Jeans With Sneakers

distressed denim with sneakers

Combine your jeans with sneakers to show off the style from the 1980s. Add a hat and a matching top and you are ready to go out. I am sure that you are going to look super cool in this outfit.

Distressed Jeans With Leather Jacket

distressed jeans with leather jacket

This is always a classic combination. Wear this outfit and you will look street smart, edgy. You will appear classic, and yet effortless in your dressing. Add a sunglass and a bag to complete your look.

Distressed Jeans With Cardigan

distressed denim with cardigan

Or you can wear the jeans with your cardigan. This will be an awesome way to wear the ripped denim because of what you can do with layering. Wear your cardigan to the movies. You will stay protected against the theater’s cold. Take it off while walking out. You will look cute whether you are wearing the cardigan or not.

Distressed Jeans With Sweater

distressed jeans with sweater

This will be a good outfit to beat the cool autumn. Just throw on your sweater over the ripped jeans and you are through. Plus, this outfit is very easy to plan as well. Wear ankle boots instead of flats if it is really chilly.

Ripped Jeans With Tights

ripped jeans with tights

There are so many creative ways of wearing ripped jeans. For example, if it’s the winter or fall, or if you don’t want to show off your bare legs, then you can always wear your favourite tights first. You will stay warm, and also show off your personal style, while improving the outfit.

Ripped Jeans With Platform Boots

ripped denim with platform boots

Here’s one fun look you will love. Platform boots are trending, so why not wear it with your distressed denim. You can wear ankle boots, calf boots or platform heels in this way to look awesome with your ripped denim.

Distressed Jeans With Boyfriend Shirt

distressed denim with boyfriend shirt

Even a boyfriend shirt will look super cool with your distressed denim. So go ahead and wear this combination if you have one of his shirts with you. This pairing is surely going to look amazing as you see in this photo.