Denim Trends

The good old jeans are passé! This year, we have seen a lot of innovations, with the designers sometimes coming out with denim, which is borderline-weird if you ask me. The designers have never been more adventurous. Some people are calling these ‘creative innovations’, while others are claiming them to be nothing short of ‘denim disasters’.

The 2018 Spring-Summer Collection at Tokyo in November showcased thong jeans that are being called jongs, denim with ‘knee windows’, plastic jeans, bare butt jeans, bikini jeans, naked denim, and many others.

Naked Jeans

naked jeans

Those at the Tokyo fashion week were completely taken by surprise with this. Also called the ‘thong jeans’, this is the work of the designer Meiko Ban for her Thibaut label. Much of the garment is missing here. It consists of ankle cuffs, side seams, and a waistband. The panels that cover the legs are not there. There is a fabric strip of about an inch in the front and its back is side a thong.

It’s not just Meiko. More and more designers are now going for tears, exposed flesh, and cutaways. Meiko shocked everyone with her design, but frankly, this isn’t the first time backless jeans have been shown off. Jonathan Anderson first showed clear denim at Loewe ’16. Alexander McQueen also showed his crack-exposing work at AW16.

Bare Butt Jeans

bare butt jeans

Frankly, I don’t know what to say about this one. This is a Vetements X Levi’s collaboration that was shared on Instagram. I haven’t seen anyone wearing one, and thankfully so, but from the pictures, it seems there zippers at the back of the legs, and on the butts too, which means you can open the zip if you want to. Bizarre! On the positive side, though, you can loosen up the pants if the seam splits.

Not all of them of course are this dramatic. For instance, here are a few trends that are more practical, and I personally like many of them.

Patchwork Jacket

patchwork jacket

Here’s a catwalk look that I loved. The latest work of Zara, this is a vintage-inspired straight-cut jeans jacket with five pockets, which I am sure is going to be very useful. The distressed edging, multi-tonal shades, and hems across its arm line makes this jacket look quite attractive.

Checked Jeans

checked jeans

The check pattern has made a return. This looks good too, and I am sure it would make you look chic. You are sure to be a head-turner in this denim piece.

Red Jeans

red jeans

If you like colored jeans then go for red, as this seems to be the most popular wash at this time. You can wear cropped wide leg red denim, which may make you look smarter than the average denim. Many girls are even wearing a red top or jacket with the classic blue jeans. The red denim look has become popular even with men.

Sun Blushed Jeans

sun blushed jeans

Pink denim is back too, like the check pattern. I feel this is a trend to watch for, as it may get quite strong in 2018. In fact, different styles and washes may even be combined creatively to give us a modern version of this denim.