Dating Fashion Mistakes

A first date can make your palms sweat. At least that’s what happened to me. To this day, I remember how nervous I was. There can be so many issues – the worst – he turns up to be weird.

Of course, there is always the confusion on what to wear for the date? I want to look good, but not over-done. There are a lot of rules for dressing for the first date, and you can soon get overwhelmed. So what to do?

Go for an outfit that makes you feel confident. However, there are a few tried-and-tested tips that will work well for most women in a first date.

first date

Wear Something Fresh


Don’t wear that pair of jeans you have been wearing throughout the week. It’s probably all stretched out already, and there could be a few stains as well. Try something fresh instead.

Keep It Simple

dressing down

The way you dress on the first date tells your man what you feel about him. So it’s important, but what you wear on the next few dates is always more critical! If you start dressing down, it could be a sign that you are getting comfortable with him.

Less Is More

leather leggings

Don’t get overly ambitious with your style. You can wear your favorite statement piece, but stay simple if you have any doubt.

Do Not Reveal Too Much

strapless maxi dress

Be careful about how much skin you show first up. This may put off your man or he may think you are desperate. But you can show your favorite asset. Wear a strapless maxi dress if you have great arms.

Dressing Right For The Date

It’s a good idea to look amazing for the date. However, you will look out of place if you wear a LBD to a movie or a laid-back pub. Both of you will be uncomfortable. The right approach is to dress correctly for what you are doing.

Look Unapproachable

Your outfit should put you at ease. If you appear uncomfortable, your date might also feel uncomfortable around you.

cowl neck sweater

Slick Back Your Hair

sock bun

The risk with sock bun is that, it may look too high maintenance for a first date. Keep your beautiful hair free instead. Let the locks be long and free.

Be Careful With The Makeup


Don’t apply a lot of makeup. Don’t ever make your look more important than what you are saying. Don’t allow the body glitter to decorate the dinner table. A lot of lipstick may also get smeared all over your teeth.

Malfunctions During the Date

You might spend hours getting ready for the date, but still, you cannot rule out the risk of a wardrobe malfunction. Don’t pull up that boob scoop while you are at the table. Excuse yourself, go to the restroom and readjust.