Cropped Jeans Styles

Cropped jeans have become quite a fashion statement these days. You will find many girls sporting this trend now. It’s one of my personal favourites as well. I truly love the cropped denims because it recreates a retro look which turns out to be absolutely swanky. Many of you might feel that the flared finishing of it may make you look short or on the bulky side, but the truth is that, there are ways to style your cropped jeans that can make you look perfect.

cropped jeans

Here are a few tips you might find very useful to style-up when you wear cropped jeans. Remember, you can wear them in many ways, with a range of tops and with varied footwear. Cropped denim is a perfect casual wear for those times with friends.

The Cardigan and Cropped Denim Look:

cardigan and cropped denim

Some of you out there might feel that this is a very common look but pairing your cropped jeans with a cardigan is the best thing to do when nothing really strikes you. You will surely enhance the way you look by wearing a crop top and then layering it with the cardigan. This will make it more intense.

These days white shoes are quite trending. So, you can wear a pair of white sneakers with this outfit to look all dapper.

The Formal Look:

formal look

There are days when we feel like getting dressed up for work and the reason could be an important meeting or just the jovial mood. And you can opt for something totally unconventional during such days. Go for a stripped cropped navy blue pants and pair it up with a smart sky blue shirt and then layer it with a sleeveless jacket which looks the same as your pants. Team up the outfit with black loafers and wear your favorite glares to grab attention.

Go for High-Waist Cropped Denim:

high-waist cropped denim

High-waist cropped denims are my all time favorite and I literally cannot do without them. These look extremely smart if styled properly. You can go for a stripped top if you are planning to wear a high rise cropped jeans and then pair it up with a striking red stiletto to sport that dapper outlook. This attire would certainly fetch you many amazing compliments.

Distressed Cropped Jeans Look:

distressed cropped jeans

Cropped and distressed denim is bound to look stylish and cool. I personally can never say no to it. You can pair it with an elegant white shirt to complete the outfit.

Sport the All Black Outfit:

black outfit

Pick up your black cropped denim and team it up with a black top, jacket, boots and hat and you will surely end up looking extremely swanky. I generally love this kind of look and often end up suggesting people this. So, it would be a great choice if you opt for the all black look.