Cotton Vacation Outfits

When the scorching sun increases the temperature, I obviously plan to clear away from the city. Summer is the best time to enjoy the holidays. After the long and hard winter, it can be so relaxing to bask under the sun and relax. I just love the beach, lying down and letting some sun on my skin. I love to go on long hikes too – I love the great outdoors I can explore in the summer months.

Let me also reveal a little bit of secret – I don’t like the cold weather all that much, particularly when it goes below freezing. Of course, planning a vacation isn’t always all that easy. There are so many issues involved, of which, choosing the right dress is always on top of my list. Then I have to keep in mind the transition too, more so if I am traveling to a summer place from cold weather.

How do I dress on a vacation? Well, it varies based on where I am going. From a road trip to beach holidays, you need to plan meticulously and pack your clothes correctly! Achieve the perfect balance – don’t be overly simple, but you should never also cover yourself too much.

Here are the most inspired vacation styles I will love to share with you.

How to Dress for a Beach Vacation

Headed to a breezy seaside escapade? Wisely choose your outfits that compliment with the waves, sea, and ocean colors. I love to wear the shades of blue and green, appropriate as preppy colors on the gushing seashore.

beach getaway

White and navy, blue-green shades, chambray top, skirts and maxis make perfect add on for a beach vacation. While the sand and waves makes me crazy and light, I always prefer light and easy clothes. Also, make sure that you carry sand-friendly footwear with you to complete your look. Enjoy and echo the trances of seashore in your holiday.

Stylist Tip

beach outfit

Pull of the monochrome without a boring outlook with denim and navy blue. You don’t feel and look bland in this outfit. Just a denim jacket on your outfit and you will look dashing.

How to Dress for a Tropical Vacation

Beaches are quite exotic. Life turns effervescent on an exotic beach vacation. Pack lighter, and opt for shorts, tanks and maxi skirts. Carry a beach tote with you. It is roomy enough to accommodate your sunscreen, moisturizer and towels. Think about the accessories you might need as you chill out. Remember, the tropics will be hot and perhaps sweaty too. So dress accordingly.

dress for tropics

When it comes to colors, choose airy and lighter shades. Cream, off-white, pale yellow and some pastel shades paired with denim shorts or maxi skirts will look good on you.

Stylist Tip

tropical outfit

While packing your bags, think about the temperature. Choose breathable, light and natural fabrics like linen and cotton.

How to Dress for a Road Trip

dress for a road trip

Road trips are my second favorite, next to a tropical vacation. There are two rules to follow when you pack your bag for a road trip. Be stylish and stay comfortable in your clothes. Whether it is a cruise, or in a family van, you need layers to protect your skin from the sun, which can easily peel off. I suggest easy to carry skirts, tanks and tops. Keep the accessories minimal and light in weight. Too many accessories, and you will be asking for trouble.

Stylist Tip

road trip outfit

A button up spaghetti strap or revealing tank with flowing skirt with jacket makes perfect attire for a road trip. Choose bright and contrasting colors to add more energy.

How to Dress for a City Vacation

dress for a city vacation

A vacation on a different city certainly calls for a going-out outfit. You may want to pack black even in the warm climate on your urban vacation. Black goes easy on any day, and it’s a trendy color as well. If you ask me, I simply adore black, and would wear the color every day if I can. Pair it with a pair of blue jean and choose stylish accessory. Go easy on some chunky neck pieces, bracelets and a trendy wallet.

Stylist Tip

black top with denim

A sleeveless black top and a pair of denim go perfect on a warm day in an urban jungle. Always carry a blazer, where you may need it in the air-conditioned indoors.

These are just a few brief ideas to pack your bag based on your vacation destination.

Outfit Ideas to Bring For Your Summer Vacation

Cotton is the right fabric choice for the summer. It allows airflow, helping you stay comfortable when the temperature goes up.

  • A striped tee when you are traveling. It will keep you looking good and comfortable. You can wear the tee with denim, a trouser or shorts.
  • Grey shorts with a white v-neck t shirt
  • Beige chinos with a linen shirt and sneakers. Line shirt feels so good.
  • White shirt and white sneaker. Or you can wear a simple white cotton shirt for the warm weather.
  • Flats that will let you get around easily when you are exploring. A neutral shade will look good with all your outfits.
  • Cutoffs will go with everything. You can even wear with a boho top that comes with a plunging neckline.
  • Carry a floral dress. You can wear it at the beach, and even in a city.

Tips to Remember

  1. Wear loose clothes – Make sure to have less clothing touching your body. A flowy maxi dress always feels cooler than a skintight tank.
  2. Choose natural fabrics – Cotton is always more breathable than rayon or polyester. It will also absorb sweat and dry quickly.
  3. Stay away from embellishments – Such as metals or beads. They will weigh down your outfits, bringing them closer to your skin.
  4. Wear a hat – A wide-brimmed hat is always better.
  5. Apply sunscreen. Yes, you want the sun, but overexposure may not be good.