Celebrity Fashion At Cannes

Every year, we see a few new fashion trends emerge that impress us. Often, these new fashions and styles come from the designers who show off their work at runways. We also tend to look at the celebrities, see what they are wearing and try to emulate them. In time, many of their styles become new fashion trends. Some of them are almost instant hits. Their pictures are shared all over the internet.

Of course, the one place where the celebs like to show off is at the film festivals. As 2017 draws to a close, let’s take a look at what the Hollywood stars wore on the red carpet at Cannes 2017. Here are the top dresses from the film festival, which was held in May. They certainly added a touch of glam with their dresses.

Elisabeth Moss Dress

elisabeth Moss cannes dress

The American actor Elisabeth Moss stunned everyone at the show with her flounced purple chiffon dress on the red carpet. Elisabeth has featured in The West Wing television series and many movies since 1991. Her dress reminded me of the leading protagonist from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter film series. The chiffon dress certainly looked very elegant on her.

Julianne Moore Dress

julianne moore cannes dress

Julianne Moore’s dress at the film festival left me in awe. She wore a marabou-trimmed cocktail dress for the premier of “Wonderstruck”, which was simply awesome. Julianne is an expert at the red carpet. She certainly knows how to look sophisticated with her dressing.

Elle Fanning Dress

ella fanning cannes dress

The American starlet stole the show at Cannes with her Vivienne Westwood painted cream ball gown. Elle is known for wearing show-stopping gowns, which often reflect old-fashioned Hollywood glamour, but this time, she was probably at her best. Her dress stole my heart. She wore another dress at Cannes, which was reportedly inspired by Van Gogh’s oil painting. The feather embellishments all over made this dress stand out.

Aishwarya Rai Dress

aishwarya rai cannes 2017

Indian actor, and former winner of the Miss World pageant, Rai has featured in movies like The Last Legion, The Mistress of Spices, and the Bride & Prejudice. Her sky blue princess ball was stunning to say the least. The botanic lace appliqués on her dress, all over, were just exquisite. She was under the spotlight at Cannes 2017.

Marion Cotillard Dress

marion cotillard cannes 2017

Marion Cotillard doesn’t believe in playing safe. To her credit, her full-length sequins seem like she has an easy time with them. She wore this dress in the photo for the Chopard Trophy Event at Cannes. It was designed by Michael Halpern of London. She was seen wearing another gorgeous dress for the dinner.

Nicole Kidman Dress

nicole kidman cannes 2017

Nicole’s sparkling sequined dress was gorgeous too. This Hollywood star certainly knows how to mix vintage accents and modern style effectively. I fell in love with its refined ruff neckline, flutter sleeves, ruffled hem and trim.

jeanne balibar cannes 2017

French singer and actress Jeanne Balibar decided to stay away from tradition. Her quirky and chic Jacquemus dress was another star attraction at the event for sure.