Organza Fabrics


Organza is a plain, sheer and thin weaved fabric. Originally, the fabric was almost completely made of silk, but in recent years, it has also been made from synthetic fibers

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Denim Trends


The good old jeans are passé! This year, we have seen a lot of innovations, with the designers sometimes coming out with denim, which is borderline-weird if you ask me.

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Winter Fashion


Many believe winter is all about dark shades – grey, black, and others. I don’t agree. You don’t have to wear these dark-colored sweaters and jackets all the time during

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Exclusive Lace


Across various evening dress fabrics, lace has always been highly favoured for its delicacy and enchanting womanliness. Unlike silk or cotton fabrics traditionally used for evening gowns, lace attire doesn’t necessarily

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Organza Dress Ideas


It’s not a secret that luxury organza fabrics have a lot to offer for those in an artistic quest. Layered, embroidered or accompanied with silk, they are an amazing pick for creating the most

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French Lace Types


In European fashion, there is a number of concepts about some fabrics that are traditionally best produced in certain countries, such as “Italian silk”, “British wool and tweed” or “French

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