The Best Casual Outfits For Summer

I don’t like to stand in front of the mirror when it is a 90 degree day. It’s a tough thing to try one shirt after another, only ending up with a sweaty back. Dressing in the summer should be easy. This time, I have made up my mind to change my summer wardrobe habits. The new rule is to wear outfits with just three pieces of clothing, or even less. I won’t have to over think about how I look, thanks to this simplified process. But I won’t have to necessarily sacrifice on style.

I have tested this out already with these 5 hot-weather outfits. I am currently rotating them every week.

The Outfit For Work

leather skirt with button-down shirt

What to wear to work is a real dilemma. You want to dress professionally, look cute, and yet stay comfortable in the weather. I am always going for these three items – a leather skirt, striped button-down shirt, and sock boots. The leather skirt has a classic silhouette and it is sturdy, which gives me a polished look at the office. Add boots, and I look like a perfect fashion girl. Yes, heels or flats are options as well, but I always prefer boots because I don’t like my ankles to get sweaty.

The Everyday Outfit

printed pant outfit

Denim is not the most comfortable thing to wear on a really hot day. Chambray can be the better option. But I personally prefer fabrics that are more breathable, such as a linen trouser or a printed cotton pant. You can pair with a graphic T-shirt, which will give you a perfect street style outfit. Complete your look with the right footwear. This will be a fashionable outfit for a brunch and even a casual day at work.

The Casual Lunch Outfit

cotton pant with tee outfit

A t-shirt is perfect for a lunch with the family. This is a versatile piece that you can wear virtually throughout the year, especially in the summer. You can style with a silk or cotton wide-leg trouser instead of tucking it inside your denim for added sophistication. A high-waist cut will be fine. It will provide illusion of longer legs. Wear red pumps to add some color to your outfit.

Picnic Outfit For The Summer

floral summer outfit

Wear a dress with sneakers. This simple two-piece outfit will keep you comfortable in the hot weather. I love wrap dresses with feminine prints, such as florals. They are perfect for the summer vibe. With white sneakers, I don’t need to think of anything else. It matches easily with most colors and dresses. You can have this look in less than 5 minutes, which I love the most.

The Weekend Outfit

denim short outfit

Denim shorts should be perfect for the weekend. It will be cool and comfortable. With this, you can wear your statement top and for footwear some funky shoes. You can even wear a shirt with interesting graphic print. Cutout designs will also look cute. This can be the focal point.