Top Tips For Selecting Bridesmaids Dresses

The bridesmaids dresses these days are very attractive to look at. There are many beautiful dresses available, and also non-traditional options that we are so excited to see and wear. It can be a mix-and-match look, or you can go for an elegant and refined collection of dresses. They come in a range of styles and colors to go with the overall wedding theme. These dresses can also be flattering.

But there are so many questions. When should the bridesmaid dresses be ordered? Who should pay for them? I am answering some of the common questions here.

How To Find Good Bridesmaid Dresses

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There are many boutiques and bridal salons where these dresses are available. You can buy online too, which is often the better option if they are stay in different places. You can also get it tailor made to your liking by getting the fabric of your choice. Bridal chiffon is a good option. This fabric looks good on both brides and bridesmaids, and is a popular choice for many. Read more here.

The Style Of Dress

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Often, brides will select dresses for her bridesmaids that will complement her own color scheme. But remember, it shouldn’t be too matching. Everything should look cohesive, though. The current trend is to wear mix-and-match styles, such as floral prints, solids or outfits from the same color palette that will create an ombre or blending effect. This approach gives bridesmaids flexibility and lets them select dresses that go with their personality.

But the bride should still provide directions on what she wants and what to avoid so that it goes with the overall theme, like no strapless dress, for instance.

Who Should Purchase The Dress?

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In most of the western world, it is customary that the bridesmaids buy their gowns themselves. However, there is no fixed rule regarding this. There can be exceptions. But if they are purchasing themselves, please consider the price range. Select an option that is affordable if your friends are budget conscious. It would be better if the dresses cost around $300. Remember, these dresses could be just a one-time wear, so you don’t want the maids to spend an entire month’s income on this.

And if you can afford it, and if you think it will be more appropriate, then you can always buy the dresses for your bridesmaids. There is nothing to stop you. It would be very generous of you. They will also appreciate your nice gesture.

When Should The Dresses Be Ordered?

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Like the actual wedding gown, the designers and salons will need time to prepare the bridesmaid dresses as well. So it’s best to start thinking of the dresses as soon as the date of the wedding is fixed. Six months is a good time. This will give you enough time to do the planning and for the dress to arrive, which should be at least 6 weeks before the wedding date. This way, you will have time for the alterations.