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Winter Outfits


The winter presents us with so many opportunities. There are hot night parties, casual day-out with friends, a date with your boyfriend, weekends that are full of fun, and you

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Denim Trends


The good old jeans are passé! This year, we have seen a lot of innovations, with the designers sometimes coming out with denim, which is borderline-weird if you ask me.

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Winter Fashion


Many believe winter is all about dark shades – grey, black, and others. I don’t agree. You don’t have to wear these dark-colored sweaters and jackets all the time during

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Pastel Fashion


The pastel shade is a wonderful addition to the wardrobe, whether you like to stay with the basics or move with the trends. It’s also one of my personal favorites.

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Silk Habotai


Silk Habotai, which is better known as “China Silk” is the classic silk fabric that you usually come across. The meaning of the word Habotai is “soft as down”. It

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Cruise Outfit Ideas


Vacations are always fun and exciting. A cruise journey is certainly a great experience. It can be thrilling and very enjoyable. I love cruises, been on a Mediterranean cruise once

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