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Hi friends, I am Christina Marcella, your friendly fashion blogger.

I was born in Milan 30 years back and still live here, though I keep visiting Paris, and New York to pick up the latest fashion ideas. I like silence, tranquility and sometimes, I like to be left alone, to introspect… call it meditation, if you like, but my own way!

I keep looking at people, what they are wearing, and like to study the ever-changing fashion trends. I am crazy about sports (volleyball, and swimming), and love dancing.

I started looking at fashion when I was just 5 years old… that’s when I started arguing with my mom about what I wanted to wear… and those kinds of things.

Dark chocolate, abstract paintings, snow, friends, swimming pool, moon and night, sleeping, walking barefoot, and of course fashion… this is what I like. My favorite color is yellow, because it reminds me of the sun and life.