1990s Fashion Trends

Growing up in the 1990s was fun. Mobile phones and the internet became popular for the first time and revolutionized the way we communicate. But when I look at my photos from the 90s, I can’t help cringe a little. The kids these days look so much more sophisticated and smart.

But fashion moves in cycles. So it’s not surprising that many of the fashion trends from the 1990s have made a comeback this year, and that too in a major way. Look around you. If you are from the 90s, you will find that many of the current trends go back to this decade. Here are some of them.


leggings and sweatshirt outfit

As a kid, I used to wear leggings quite often. I was already in my early teens when I had my first pair of jeans. But the leggings went out of fashion in the 2000s, but they have made a complete 360 degree turnaround now. The leggings and sweatshirt combo is a great outfit for today. It is totally acceptable.

Round Glasses

round glasses

Round glasses were considered nerdy and goofy once. But the trend is back with a bang. You will find the style in both prescription and sunglass segment. Go for the round glass look, and you can get into the 1990s groove easily. The fashion police is going to give you a thumbs up enthusiastically.


velvet outfit

When I was a kid I wanted to save everything to get a crushed velvet top. But the trend didn’t last. Soon enough, girls were left wondering why they spent all that money on velvet. But it’s once a huge trend now. The fashion magazines are going gaga over the velvet haute couture fabric and how amazing this trend is.

Flannel Shirt

flannel shirt outfit

Flannel shirt and frayed jeans are all coming back in style. It’s a full circle. Shirts that became a relic of the old times are everywhere now. Wear your flannel shirt over your tank or as a regular shirt. You can also tie it around your waist. That style is back in fashion too.

Denim Overalls or Pinafores

denim pinafore dress

Denim overalls or dungarees or the denim pinafore was huge throughout the 1990s. I had them both as a kid. This year, they are big once again. You can style them both easily with a lacy bralette under your denim or a classic t-shirt.

Track Pants

track pants outfit

Track pants broke ground during the 90s. They were no more just for the gym. Sporty Spice showed us how to rock wearing this outfit. Now, you will find Rihanna debuting these track pants for her Fenty by Rihanna Puma collection. You can wear these pants and show the pop diva look.

Choker Necklaces

choker necklace outfit

These necklaces were the statement jewelry items during the 1990s. The ones with matching bracelet and ring looked like a tattoo and were really cool back then. The necklace looked smart with crushed velvet top. The chokers are back even the tattoo pieces.