Silk Habotai Outfit Ideas For Girls

Silk Habotai, which is better known as “China Silk” is the classic silk fabric that you usually come across. The meaning of the word Habotai is “soft as down”. It is a Japanese word, but is now referred to as China Silk, as most of its production is carried out in China. Sometimes, the material is also called habutae or hautae.

Habotai Is a Great Lining Material

silk habotai

This is a supple and soft fabric with a lustrous sheen, which you will surely love. In fact, Habotai is one of the finest variants of China Silk, as it is lighter and has more lusters. It is lighter than silk charmeuse. The material is sometimes used as a lining fabric. This silk is perfect for lining as it is very comfortable, graceful, breathable, and provides a smooth finish. The garment can slip on and off easily. Habotai will also not add bulk when you use it in lining, which is exactly what you want.

silk summer blouse

Silk Habotai can also be used in summer blouses, lingerie and bedding. You can also use this high-quality fabric in loose fitting and semi-fitted apparel. Silk Habotai works very well with soft flowing, draped and full styles. It resists snags, wears evenly, and is available in many rich and fun colors.

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Here are some ways to wear silk habotai…

Wear a Silk Jumpsuit

silk jumpsuit

You will always look amazing in a silk jumpsuit. It is timeless and you can be sure that this outfit is never going to fail you. Plus, you can get dressed really quickly in this. Here, you see the fashion designer, model, host, and British writer Alexa Chung wearing an amazing jumpsuit. You can wear it with a sling bag and simple flats like her.

Silk Pant Suit

pant suit

This is another way you can wear it. This outfit is going to look extremely trendy on you and make you a true fashionista. This dress is easy and quick to wear as well.

Try a Silk Top

silk top

The silk top you see in this picture is perfect for the summer, and even the fall or winter in the day time, if it is no more than mildly cold at your place. The silk top will sit comfortably on you, and make you look awesome. Finish your look by carrying the correct accessories.

Silk Pants

silk pant

Go for a silk pant if you don’t want to wear a pant suit. It can have an elaborate design like this one you see here, or it could be simpler with just a plain pant in one color without any design on it.

Silk Habotai for Lining

silk lining

Silk Habotai is perfect as a lining material for your coats, jackets, suits, and even other dresses. A good lining will make even your scratchiest garment the most comfortable to wear. Silk, a natural material, breathes better than others, and keeps your body always dry and cool. The silk lining will also keep you warmer in cold weather. It will protect the garment and make it look good both from the inside and the outside.